TRAHA Global – Core Guide

What is the Core?

The Core’s Function

Strengthening a “core” makes the Traha more powerful. The core amplifies the character’s attributes. It is shared between all classes on one character and its effects are permanently applied regardless of class or weapon changes. Core levels are not shared by the whole account. If you have any unused equipment, try using it empower your core!

Upgrading the Core

This is a system that increases a core’s level. As a core’s level increases, your character will receive a bonus to attributes such as attack power and penetration.

How to Upgrade the Core

The core is upgraded when the upgrade bar is filled by consuming weapons, trinkets, or other materials. The cost of upgrading the core varies depending on the current level of the core, the type of item used, and the rank of the item.

Auto Select

This function allows you to automatically filter which type and rank of item you want to consume (up to 250 individual types at a time).

Core Traits

These traits function similarly to weapon and profession traits by giving bonuses to your character’s attributes once a core reaches a certain level.

Starting from core level 10, you will receive one “Core Trait Point” per level. Traits can be reset for free at any time. You can use the Auto Set button to automatically allocate your core trait points based on a certain pattern.

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