Unnamed Space Idle – Ship Configuration from Zero to Hero

This guide will compile everything a beginner needs to know to go from zero to hero!

Stage Pushing Builds Guide

Sectors 01-03

Choose the abilities marked with red circle for optimal results… You may not get all abilites due to speed of progression before your first prestige. After you beat s3 you will unlock a shiny new toy and prestige for slight power spike.

Sectors 04-05

Sector 4 and 5 – upon beating 5 youll wanna prestige again. Now that you have sector 4 unlocked.. farm sector 4 for wave kill count… you want to kill 1000 waves (1k) you dont have to do all 1k now but the more you do the better ability 6 on weapons and shield will be. (Ability name is improved tracking / ablative shielding). Beating s5 will be time to prestige again.

Sectors 06-09

Sector 6 – 9 upon beating s9 boss we get another power spike and will want to prestige.

Sectors 10-11

This configuration of abilities gives us the first real glance and understanding of the power of permanant uptime of lazor boost skill. Youll see hybrid support and damge pickes here because for this config your primary dps will be gattling, but the charge will 1 shot alot of enemies and do heavy damage to boss before getting into gatling range.

From here on out when we chose builds you can really choose any build you want, but 1 key concept we always want to have is Perma Skill activation. I will provide 1 example build at intervals going forward that works but feel free to start playing with other ideas and concepts.

For now skill activation is manual but near this point or soon after youll have the ability to further progress in synth manufacturing. There is a synth moudle unlocked in t2 or t3 that auto activates the skill for you. It does come with a draw back of reducing the power which is why we take the down position on ability 5 on all our lazor weapons.

Sectors 12-15

Sector 12 – 15 you can prestige before 15, but the next capstone equipment change isnt really until beating boss of 15 unless you of course want or need to use different weapons for sector path you have chosen.

Beam – in current content this weapon will be primary Damage from now till end of content until a change in balance or content. Remember to utilize s4 for Improved tracking / ablative shielding (ability 6) farming for soft cap of 1k waves killed.

Caveat: The pictured build doesnt give perma lazor… you have to make the following choice:

  • This fit should be: beam, your choice gatling or charge pictured, and LC in full support.

Sectors 16-20

Here we can start doing challenges soon and will be looking to unlock or use V2 weapons. For the purposes of examples I will be showing V2 cores, but you shouldnt rush into using them.

For shields you can switch to V2 as soon as you can afford lvl 10 (the shield boost skill) this would be scrap cost of ~2e11. So if you havent gotten to or can get to e11 in reasonable time stay with V1 shield cores. V2 weapon cores, you only want to switch your primary damage to V2 if you can afford lvl 60 (the improved tracking ability) this is roughly ~1e16 scrap (or = lvl 183 V1 weapon). Supports you want to chose the highest version core that you can afford all 10 abilities on.

We are going to use the same weapons and utily as shown above, but here we swap to a new shield core.

Caveat: The pictured build doesnt give perma lazor… you have to make the following choice:

  • This fit should be: beam, your choice gatling or charge pictured, and LC in full support.

We will use 2 Bulk Generators with the config shown below.

Sectors 21-23

After beating boss of 20 youll unlock our next weapon and will be facing a new enemy type from now on. Theres 2 approaches to progressing. You can stay in your current config and continue to farm compute power and improved tracking until you beat s23 boss, or as I recommend prestige and utilize your new core.

From this point on as like in previous tutorial phase of game, when youre introduced to a new shield or weapon its advised to swap to it for at least a few sectors as its going to make progression far easier than trying to brute force with old technology.

Sectors 24-29

Now we have much more space to really play with configs and this is were the game opens up alot.

The following is only 1 way to accomplish the task and is my recommendation and confirmed to work for multiple people other than myself. But do to some of the choices you can make inregards to synth, challenges, research, and warps, our stats will vary from person to person, so while some people will find my method a breeze to continue to progress others may still have to farm a bit or look for alternate configurations.

Again, any configuration you choose, should follow these 2 rules. Use newest weapon / shield unlocked and have perma lazor skill activation.

Caveat: The pictured build doesnt give perma lazor… you have to make the following choice:

  • This fit should be: beam, your choice gatling or charge pictured, and LC in full support

Bulk x 2 still.

Sectors 30-35

Swap Kin Cannon for Bomb Launcher, and swap charge for LC. because of our config change we have some new ability choices to optimize our killing potential.

Pictured below Beam ability choice 2 (top) needs to switch to bottom!

Sectors 36-40

Now we are approaching EoC. we have some things to unlock still, but now or ship is looking like a star destroyer instead of a tie fighter.

Because we have 3x LC we will change up abilities. you only need 2x LC to achieve perma lazor skill.

3x Bulk full top row.

Sectors 41-69

Sector 41 – 69 youre going to use above fit but swap from 3x bulk to 1 bulk and 2x deflectors. when you unlock Disruptors retro fit out of missile into disruptor..

As always bee looking at upgrading to v3 or v4 cores if you havent yet..

Sectors 70+

This new build pushed into 75:

I appreciate your time and hope this little tutorial was helpful.

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