Unnamed Space Idle – Gameplay Tips for Sector (51-74)

Useful Tips for Sector (51-74)

Tips for Crew Rank Points

Note the row three rules are different for the following:

  • Researcher, Row 3 (they act as all left side).
  • Reconstitution Specialist scales on Rank.
  • Industrial Engineer (center acts as left).

General Crew Tips

Crew starts small, but will quickly become the single largest multiplier of your strength.

So, Crew works SORT OF like research in that the EXP gains for them are based on your sector (deeper sectors worth more EXP etc).

When you retire / reprint a crew member, they get a bonus to their EXP towards a given stat based on the highest that stat has ever been (so, for example, if you get the ET’s Engineering to 10, then Reprint them, they’ll get a bonus. If you then reprint them at 9? That’s not a new high, so the bonus stays the same)

Early on you’re not gonna be able to target Mastery at first (there’s a good guide about how many levels/sleeve you need to be able to reasonably target m1 for all crew.

During this time, it makes sense to push new highest stat benchmarks before using your sleeves, gradually building up bonuses. Prestige will automatically retire all crew, but you should probably develop the habit of using all your sleeves before prestiging to get the most development out of your crew for each run.

When you prestige you lose all progress towards a Mastery point. You have to earn a point in a single run. Building up your bonuses as you go to make that doable.

Eventually you’ll have access to the 3rd set of Crew skills (the ones on the bottom). These have Divisors involved. For example, the Energy Technician’s Reactor Focus (on the left) is [Engineering]/([Active Acumen]+1). What this means is that having Acumen on ANY crew will make the skill weaker. (0 Acumen would make the Divisor 1, 0+1. While 10 Acumen will make it 11, 10+1). For LEFT SIDE skills, the divisor takes all crew into account. While for RIGHT SIDE skills, it takes only that specific crew member.

Tips for e22 Compute

  • CS – No stat switching. Lvl prof only and get salvage redirection (t3 special) and as many points in t3 new math. t1 skil 25/50: t2 skill 25/50: capstone 1/1: rest points into t3 skill.
  • IE – No stat switching. Lvl prof only get t3 skill compute enjoyer. t1 skill 10/50: t2 skill 40/50: rest in t3 compute enjoiner.
  • RS stat switch t1 and t2 skills 30p/30coord.
  • LM no stat switch lvl prof.
  • Use synth module for lvls, synth module for void auto collect.
  • Shards compute for lvls.
  • E11 bonus on base 2.

Leave game open and collect void clickables for about ~6hrs maybe faster. Compute lab for speed, power, and lvls obviously.

I hope you found this helpful!

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