War Thunder – How to Play Robots (Atomic Thunder Event)

In this guide i’ll be giving you quick guidance on how to play the robots from the atomic thunder event.

Guide to Play Robots

How to Fly Pchelas

The pchelas are considered helicopters.

They are extremely fragile.

For that, your default key inputs with mouse and keyboard will be most likely:

  • W – Throttle UP
  • S – Throttle DOWN
  • Shift – Nose DOWN (aka pitch)
  • Ctrl – Nose UP
  • Q – Rudder LEFT
  • E – Rudder RIGHT
  • A – Aileron LEFT
  • D – Aileron Right
  • ALT + H – Hover (throttle will increase or decrease altitude and stabilize current location.

However since your playing with mouse and keyboard, the pchelas will auto steer most of the controls to stabilize itself except for the Nose (pitch) controls that increase and decreases your altitude which are dependent on where your camera is currently aimed at.

So make slight, longer turns for when you are not attacked and learn how to maneuver with the controls during a dogfight against enemy units.

WSP-9 Repair Pchela

  • Spawnpoints: 50
  • Effective against Intercepting HOG-7 Hedgie
  • Ineffective as distraction
  • Countered by visible exposure and direct enemy fire

Note: As i am writing this guide, from practical experience, it seems that the Repair pchela is broken and is suppose to shoot a laser just like the Laser pchela, repairing friendly tanks in the battlefield.

Taken from the introduction of atomic thunder event:

The WSP-9 drone is equipped with the electron beam welding torch, capable of repairing refractory metals of tank armor.

And it seems thats not the case while playing with the Repair pchela.

If thats the case, i hope gaijin actually fixes this before the event is going to end. If not, then i am mistaken and apologize.

The Repair pchela has the ability to control Burav, a robot worm.

Only one Repair pchela and the closest towards it may control it.

You must stay inside the zone of Burav to take control of it.

Press space to take control of Burav and pressing space again will guide him towards the designated location.

Precisely guide burav to an enemy and burav will instantly kill tanks and HOG-7 Hedgies.


Camp around the city and stay in cover until burav is availiable. then bring him towards friendly/neutral capture points.

WSP-9 Laser Pchela

  • Spawnpoints: 150
  • Effective against Light tanks, Helicopters and pchelas
  • Ineffective against Medium, Heavy tanks, HOG-7 Hedgies
  • Countered by visible exposure and direct enemy fire

WSP-9 Laser pchela Strategy

The blue marked zone is one of the safer zones.

It includes cover to scout the horizon, as well as flanking opportunity.

The yellow marked zone only provides a certain amount of cover and flanking.

Risky yet possible to get a kill.

The red marked zone is a death sentence when poorly executed.

Although not discouraged, there is a huge chance of being detected by enemy ground units without flying low.

The trees can only cover you so much against air aswell.

The trees also barely provide fragmentation protection and element of surprise.

How to Drive HOG-7 Hedgie

HOG-7 Hedgie

  • Spawnpoints: 700
  • Effective against Tanks, pchelas, Helicopters
  • Ineffective against enemy HOG-7 Hedgies
  • Countered by High penetration shells, Teamwork, Visible horizon, Interception

HOG-7 Hedgie Strategy


  • The Jungle will be your primary workfield.
  • Secure the zones when safe, flank the enemy, take cover from helicopters and keep on moving around the Jungle.

Search and Destroy

  • This will be your secondary workfield as the Hedgie.
  • Preferably, when the zones have been captured in the Jungle.
  • Only and only decapture (simply by touching the zone) and get rid of the enemy.
  • Look towards the marked zone aswell as infront of the marked zone for any incoming enemy, to calculate your strategy.
  • Utilize your missiles or flank pound but remain undetected!
  • if your survivability is at risk, return back to the jungle and try again at a different angle.


  • This zone is great for Flanking or even escaping from enemy HOG-7 Hedgies.
  • Utilize the buildings for cover surprise attacks.
  • however do know, that this strategy requires caution as this is close towards one of the enemy spawns around circa 500 meters or less and can get you in trouble due to partial visibility from ground and pure visibility by air.
  • This can be done with the help of friends or teammates communicating with you for any enemy that is around the marked zone (if people even communicate, lmao).

Russian Roulette

  • Heads or tails?
  • Black or red?
  • Odd or even?
  • Did you pull the trigger or not?
  • Knowledge is power and the smart player always cheats.

Anyways, this strategy entirely is based on the cover used from the “silos?” and pure flank strategy.

This is not a recommend strategy without the help of friendly air units or HOG-7 Hedgies.

  • Go round and around the zone like loading a cylinder.
  • Come out of cover and hit your shot.
  • Missed? Game over, man. Game over.
  • spotted by air? The game was rigged from the start.
  • I guess the only winning move is not to play.

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