Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Tower Guard Challenge (A Grudge Served Cold)

How to complete Tower Guard – Signal Wyr Migdal is conquered.

Enter Plaza with Four Towers

When you get to the large plaza to open the gates for mission objective, there are four towers, where only one of them is open at the beginning.

To open rest of the towers and light the signal fire, you have to solve a basic jump puzzle.

Go to the boxes(1) between 2nd and 3rd tower, and jump on them.

Once you reach boxes, jump on the lowest -> highest.

Once you are at the edge, jump on the ledge formation.

then go inside the tower and activate the lever. It will open the doors to all the towers.

Use the ladder to go up and light the signal fire.

Light the signal fires and all the four towers, and you will get the challenge completed.

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