Wobbly Life – How to Cheat Money

A guide on how to hack in money without Cheat Engine.

Guide to Cheat Money


This is a tutorial on how to cheat in money by editing your Wobbly Life save file. This guide does not require Cheat Engine or any external programs. All that is required is Wobbly Life, an internet connection, and some work.

Finding Your Save File

The first step is to find your save file.

First you’ll want to navigate to your AppData directory. You can do this yourself in File Explorer by travelling to (your boot drive):Users/(your user)/AppData.

Alternatively, press the Windows key + R at the same time to bring up the Run box. Type in appdata and press Enter to be automatically taken to your AppData directory.

  • Once you’ve navigated to AppData, open the LocalLow folder.
  • In here you’ll see a variety of folders. Look for a folder called RubberBandGames and open it.
  • In here there is a “Wobbly Life” folder. Open this.
  • Lastly inside that folder is a Save folder which you need to open.

In here you’ll want to open the folder named as your Steam ID (Simple Translation: open the folder with a ton of numbers in the name).

Then open the “GameSaves” folder.

Nearly there! Now open the folder corresponding to whichever save you want to hack money onto. So if you want to add money to Save 1, open the SaveSlot_1 folder. If you want to add money to Save 2, open the SaveSlot_2 folder, and so on. I’m simply editing Slot 1 for this guide but the process is the same for all save files.

In here you’ll want to locate a PlayerData file corresponding to whichever character you are trying to spawn money onto. If you want to add money to Character 1, you need PlayerData_1.sav. For Character 2, PlayerData_2.sav. And so on. Keep File Explorer open and move on to the next section.

Editing the Save File

Now you’ll want to edit this save file. You can do this manually if you think you’re capable of it, and it doesn’t seem too hard to do, but we’ll be using an easier method.

Go to this site.

Grab the PlayerData_1 (or whichever number you chose) file from the previous section. Drag and drop this file from your File Explorer into the “Upload Files” section of the SaveEdit website.

A lot of confusing values will come up, but we don’t need them. At the top of this list of values, you should see a value named “k__BackingField > money :”.

Click on the green number next to that value, which contains your money. You can then put any number you like into the pop up box here. The number you type will be how much money you have ingame. I don’t know how the game reacts to higher numbers, but it’d be worth giving it a try if you’re interested. I’m going to put 25000 here.

Then click OK.

Saving Your Changes

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the SaveEdit website and click on the “Download PlayerData_#.sav” button.

This will download the new PlayerData file onto your computer.

Head back to File Explorer and open your Downloads folder in a new window (You can do this by right-clicking the Downloads folder, and selecting “open in new window”).

Now you’ll want to find the PlayerData_#.sav file you just downloaded, which will be somewhere in this folder (unless you have changed your download location, in which case you need to look there instead).

Grab this PlayerData_#.sav file, and drag and drop it to your other File Explorer window, into the folder we opened in the first section. It will ask if you want to overwrite the file. Click Yes.

And done! You can now load up your game and you should have the selected amount of money. I hope this guide helped you!

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  1. it does work you just have to hit Ctrl S to save it after downloading playerdata.sav and replacing the one thats already there. once your done replacing it, hit Ctrl s then load wobbly life

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