Loop Hero – 100% Achievements Guide

A guide which will go through every achievement in Loop Hero and explain how you get them.

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This guide looks at every achievement and, if applicable, provides some tips to help those struggling to finish them.

Achievements are grouped in relation to a specific action/event that is required to achieve it. Each section will be organized into the following:

  • Time to Head Out on an Expedition
  • Tile Adventurer
  • Resources Are the Building Blocks
  • It’s Kill or be Killed
  • Let’s Set Up Camp
  • Craft It All Up and Dismantle It All Down
  • Your Class Defines You
  • Shh, it’s a Secret

Each achievement will be organized into the following format:

  • Achievement name.
  • “Achievement description”.
  • Elaborated description based on what I feel is useful.

Time to Head Out on an Expedition

Achievements related to expeditions and looping specifically.

New beginning

  • “Embark on your first expedition”

An expedition is when you set out on a new loop. Simply start your first one! After you build a campfire of course. Your first of many.

Practically a job

  • “Embark on your tenth expedition”

Go on 9 more expeditions after your first one. Don’t forget to edit your card deck!


  • “Embark on your fiftieth expedition”

Go on 40 more expeditions after your tenth one. At this point you have a handle on what to do. Unless you just immediately retreat after starting an expedition.

Around the world

  • “Complete 100 loops”

Go around and reach your campfire 100 times. Doesn’t need to be all in one expedition. Unless you want too.

In time for lunch

  • “Defeat the boss in the first expedition”

Start your expedition and don’t stop until you kill that boss. You can use another save slot to complete this. Or delete your main one and restart, you do you. This requires some luck as well as knowledge of the boss and cards. Some helpful tips include stacking HP and not have too many enemies or high-damaging ones. You want to have as much HP as you can when you go into the boss fight. If you’re close to summoning the boss on a loop and you’re close or at max HP and have decent gear, you can spam all your cards behind your hero to spawn the boss.

Tile Adventurer

Achievements relating to tiles, cards, or events during a loop.

Bartender! Refill!

  • “Drink 50 potions”

You will drink a potion when you reach a lower enough health amount. But, you will still need to have potions which are first unlocked from the Camp “Herbalist’s hut” structure. You can increase the total amount of potions you can carry as well as the amount of health a potion heals for when a battle is looking bad. You refill some amount of potions every time you go through the campfire tile. Glug glug.

Small talker

  • “Read 50 different dialogues”

Every time you talk with someone you will start up a new dialogue. Most of the dialogues will come from building or upgrading a camp structure or from encountering and defeating a certain enemy. The Encyclopedia will tell you if an enemy has dialogue or not and if you have read it. There’s a lot of talking to do when your whole world disappears.


  • “Place 1000 cards”

Every card you collect will count towards this except for Oblivion. That’s a lot of cards to lay out!

See the world and not die

  • “See all the possible tiles”

This requires you having all available cards unlocked by building camp structures and upgrading some of them. There’s also some locked tiles hidden behind certain tile combinations. You can use the first section of the “Encyclopedia” tab in camp to see how many tiles you are missing. If you placed every card you have, then you’re missing tile combos!

As anew

  • “Fill the whole map”

To fill the whole map you will need to go through a few loops. Filling the whole map means to have every possible tile space occupied, including road tiles. If you can’t place down anymore cards then you have filled out that region. The regions you need to fill are the road tiles, adjacent tiles, and outer tiles. That’s going to require a lot of cards.

Broken geography

  • “Place 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck, not counting ^Oblivion^”

To receive cards that you don’t have in your deck, you will need to utilize the “Battlefield” card. Enemies that are killed adjacent to the Battlefield tile have a chance of becoming ghosts. This can happen again where you have a ghost of a ghost, and then once more and end with a “Prime matter” enemy. Upon defeating this enemy, you will receive either 3 normal cards or a golden card. This will require killing multiple ghosts, so start busting them! You will need to do this all in one expedition so you might be looping for a while. Make sure that every enemy has a soul, otherwise you won’t have any ghosts.

Resources Are the Building Blocks

Achievements relating to resources.

Part of the world

  • “Find 100 resources”

You collect resource shards from certain tiles and enemies. Collecting a certain amount of resource shards will turn the shards into an orb. Keep all those resources! You’ll need them for your camp.

Can’t get it back

  • “Lose 100 resources”

You lose resources when you die or retreat from an expedition while not on the campfire tile. When you retreat you will lose 40% of the resources you collected while if you die you will lose 70% of the resources you collected. Depending on the amount of resources you collected, that can be a lot! If you die you can use 2 “Orb of immortality” to take all of your resources back.

Make a puzzle

  • “Find all possible types of resources”

There are currently 11 different resource shards and 13 different resource orbs. Most of these resources you can only find in chapter 2 and forward. Remember that you get a resource orb from collecting a certain amount of resource shards. The exception to this is the Orb of immortality which is from killing a boss, and the Orb of expansion which comes from fighting a group of 5 or more enemies. An additional resource you need to get is hydrogen which comes from decomposing other resources. This requires the Camp “Alchemist’s tent” structure.

It’s Kill or be Killed

Achievements related to killing or dying.

First blood

  • “Kill 5 enemies”

Slay the first 5 enemies you encounter. Most likely they will all be slimes. Good job on getting rid of those monsters!

Lost count

  • “Kill 1000 enemies”

Slay every enemy you encounter until it totals 1,000. You’ll lose count until you get this and then you’ll lose count again. Unless you go to your statistics. Anything that you fight counts!

Trophy collection

  • “Kill each enemy”

Slay every type of enemy you see. Most enemies are locked behind certain cards and even further, locked behind certain card combinations. Keep on a lookout! Use the encyclopedia to have an idea of what you’ve seen. You still need to have killed them though.

First time?

  • “Die first time”

Suffer a tragic loss and die, losing some of your resources. This is bound to happen due to unfortunate luck or too much bravery. Don’t worry, it won’t be your last. Probably.

Groundhog day

  • “Die ten times”

Suffer a tragic loss and die 10 different times, losing some of your resources. Unless you use your Orbs of Immortality.


  • “Die outside of battle”

Suffer a tragic loss and die, not even to an enemy. This requires the “Swamp” card as you take damage instead of heal while inside the tile, even while travelling. This requires you to be on a low amount of health and to heal enough to kill yourself instead. Some methods include healing from a new day starting, having some amount of regeneration, or by having the Blissful Ignorance trait and using an Oblivion card.


  • “Die and resurrect 3 times in one expedition”

There are 3 different ways to be able to resurrect, so you need to have all 3 to complete this. One of them is through an upgrade of the Camp “Cemetery”, which will revive you with a percentage of your health. Another way is by placing down the “Ancestral crypt” gold card which comes from the Camp “Crypt” if the Camp “Intel center” is built. The final way is from a trait called “Omicron’s Technique” which will give you one resurrection charge. This will require some luck, mostly to get the trait unlocked.

Let’s Set Up Camp

Achievements related to camp.

Foundation stone

  • “Build the first camp structure”

Build your “campfire”! A campfire is necessary to stay warm. And it also heals you, so that’s a plus.

Always been here?

  • “Build the river”

You first need to have the Camp “Intel center” structure built before you can build the river. Afterwards, just gather enough resources to make a river. Simple. The river will take up a number of spaces, not just one. Still, you built a river.

Small town

  • “Build all the possible camp structures”

You will need a lot of resources to be able to build every camp structure. Some structures such as the Farm you can build multiples of, so you just need to have built at least one. Build you can build more. For some of the structures it’s recommended that you build more.

Hole in memory

  • “Dismantle a camp structure”

Click on the “dismantle” button when you click on a camp structure. Dismantling a structure will return a portion of resources that you spent on it. Some structures can’t be dismantled which means they are quite important. Every structure is arguable important but the ones you can’t dismantle are the most important.

What’s not tied down

  • “Get 5 camp items”

Collect 5 different items which you can view under the “Supply” tab. Requires the Camp “Supply depot” structure to be built. You can collect camp items either from crafting them using resources or finding them on expeditions.


  • “Get all the camp items”

Will require a lot of crafting, gathering, and luck. You can see which camp items you have collected under the “Encyclopedia” tab and clicking the 4th section. There are currently 30 different camp items you can find.


  • “Unlock a chapter in the encyclopedia”

To unlock a chapter in the encyclopedia, you need to have the Camp “Library” structure as well as the “Book of memories” resource. In the “Encyclopedia” tab, when you click on an entry, you can spend a Book of memories to unlock an article for the entry. Each article gives you a description and maybe even some lore.


  • “Unlock 50 chapters in the encyclopedia”

Unlock 49 other articles after you unlock your first. Will require 50 Book of memories as well as enough entries to have 50 articles. Some entries will have multiple articles. If you unlock all the articles for an entry, it will have a gold border! And if you have all the entries under a tab with a gold border, the tab will have a gold border! Requires a lot of Book of memories.

Book worm

  • “Unlock all the encyclopedia”

Unlock every single article the Encyclopedia has to offer. That’s going to require a lot of Book of memories. And to know everything. But then it’ll all be gold! Remember to place down every new card you get as well as encounter the enemy. Sometimes a tile or enemy will be locked behind a certain combination so explore!

Craft It All Up and Dismantle It All Down

Achievements related to crafting or dismantling not including camp structures.

From dust and sticks

  • “Craft 5 items”

Craft items under the “Craft” tab. Requires the Camp “Supply depot” structure and an additional camp structure in either the “Farm”, “Smithy”, “Lumberjack”, or “Alchemist’s tent”. Besides that, crafting an item requires “Metamorphosis” and a resource relating to the type of item you want to craft.


  • “Craft 25 items”

After you craft 5 items, craft 20 more. Will require a lot of “Metamorphosis”. These come from “Noticeable change” resource shards which in turn come from transforming tiles. The easiest way is to transform a “meadow” into a “blooming meadow” by placing it next to another tile that isn’t a meadow. Get those tile combos flowing!

Easier than making

  • “Dismantle 5 items”

Dismantle items under the “Craft” tab. Requires the Camp “Supply depot” structure to unlock the tab. You will also need an item to dismantle. Click on the item and you will be able to dismantle it, giving you some resources. It’s probably best to dismantle items you have multiples of or ones you feel aren’t that useful.


  • “Dismantle 10 items”

Dismantle 5 more items after you dismantled 5. Just because you are dismantling items, doesn’t mean you are a barbarian. It’s called recycling.

Alchemist’s apprentice

  • “Transmute 5 resources into hydrogen”

You will need the “Alchemy” tab which is unlocked after you build the Camp “Alchemist’s tent” structure. Simply take any resource that you have and decompose it. Then do this 4 more times. Each resource gives differing amounts of hydrogen which you will know once you decompose either a shard or orb of the resource once.

Don’t breathe it in

  • “Transmute 50 resources into hydrogen”

After decomposing 5 resources, decompose 45 more. That’s a lot of hydrogen! You can then synthesize the hydrogen into another resource.

Not gold…

  • “Synthesize 5 resource with alchemy”

Under the “Alchemy” tab, click on a resource and synthesize it. Then do it 4 more times. Requires hydrogen which you get from decomposing resources. You will need to decompose multiple resources to get enough hydrogen to synthesize one.

Still not gold…

  • “Synthesize 100 resources”

After synthesizing 5 resources, synthesize 95 more. That’s going to need a lot of hydrogen! The 4 basic resource shards, “Stable branches”, “Preserved pebbles”, “Scrap metal”, “Ration”, and “Memory fragment” are the cheapest to synthesize, although not mathematically worth it.

Your Class Defines You

Achievements related to classes.


  • “Unlock the ^Rogue^ class”

Build the Camp “Refuge” structure and you will unlock the rogue. Keep in mind that it can only be built next to the Camp “Field kitchen” structure so make sure you left room! The rogue class now features a unique way to get equipment, different equipment slots, as well as crits!


  • “Get 10 orange items in exchange for the trophies in camp”

This requires using the Rogue class. This will come down to some luck with having your items be of orange rarity. You receive 11 items when you exchange your trophies in camp so you can only have 1 of those items not be of orange rarity. You will more likely be able to get this the more trophies you get each loop.

Grandma says hello

  • “Unlock the ^Necromancer^ class”

Build the Camp “Crypt” structure and you will unlock the necromancer. Keep in mind that it can only be built next to the Camp “Cemetery” structure so make sure you left room! The necromancer class has a unique way to attack in that instead of directly attacking enemies, you will spawn skeletons to fight for you. Only once you max out on the amount of skeletons that you spawn will you attack the enemy directly.

Crunchy company

  • “Have 10 living skeletons in one battle”

This requires using the Necromancer class. You won’t be able to achieve 10 skeletons in one battle just from spawning your own so you will need to have skeletons spawned from the “Cemetery” tile to be in your battle as well. Having skeleton archers from an adjacent Cemetery tile will help as well. Spooky, scary skeletons!

Shh, it’s a Secret

Just starting out

  • “Defeat the Lich”

The Lich is the boss for chapter 1. When the boss meter is filled, the campfire tile will be replaced with a orange crystal, representing the boss. Every tile surrounding the campfire that isn’t filled with a card will be replaced with a Lich’s palace tile. The Lich’s palace boosts the Lich’s health and damage by 5%. Therefore it is recommended to fill up the tiles by the campfire or to use the Oblivion card to erase the palaces. The Lich itself is a pretty simple boss with only one strong, simple attack.

Punching bag

  • “Defeat the Lich 3 times”

This requires starting up a new expedition, spawning the Lich, and defeating it 2 more times after you defeat it the first time. Each new encounter and defeat will get you a new set of dialogue. Every encounter after the 3rd time will repeat dialogue.

Glass Queen

  • “Defeat the Priestess”

The Priestess is the boss for chapter 2. When the boss meter is filled, the campfire tile will be replaced with a blue portal, representing the boss. The Priestess herself doesn’t attack but relies on summoning. Her attacks will either summon two Angels or 5 stained-glass windows. The Angels are immune to damage and attack twice, dealing massive damage, before disappearing. Each window has a 20% chance to block an attack on the Priestess. If it does, it will break.

Faith alone is not enough

  • “Defeat the Priestess 3 times”

This requires starting up a new expedition, spawning the Priestess, and defeating her 2 more times after you defeat her the first time. Each new encounter and defeat will get you a new set of dialogue. Every encounter after the 3rd time will repeat dialogue.

For whom the horn tolls…

  • “Defeat the Hunter”

The Hunter is the boss for chapter 3. When the boss meter is filled, the campfire tile will be replaced with a orange-tinted black hole, representing the boss. The Hunter has 2 hounds beside him that will also attack. The hounds will attack like normal, but once it is hit 3 times, it will disappear and force the attacker to attack a different target. After the attacker attacks 3 times, the hound will reappear and do 250% damage. The Hunter himself will attack like normal, however, every 2nd attack will fill the hounds’ attack bar by 50%. He can also occasionally force the hero to attack a different target. Both the Hunter and hounds will heal and deal more damage once an ally (mainly a hound) dies.

Hunter’s Nightmare

  • “Defeat the Hunter 3 times”

This requires starting up a new expedition, spawning the Hunter, and defeating him 2 more times after you defeat him the first time. Each new encounter and defeat will get you a new set of dialogue. Every encounter after the 3rd time will repeat dialogue.

Memory pieces

  • “Defeat Omega”

Omega is the boss for chapter 4. For chapter 4, the boss meter will have multiple ticks. Each tick represents the spawning of a previous chapter boss. The first tick will be the Lich, the second tick the Priestess, and the third tick the Hunter. Note that the Lich’s palace that spawn will now do so 2 tiles from the campfire. After you defeated every boss and fill the boss meter, the campfire tile will be replaced by a orange rectangular prism, representing the boss. Once you begin the fight, all of your cards as well as items in your inventory will be erased. Omega only has 2 different attacks. Every 3rd attack he will block one of your items from having an effect as well as a hero’s stat. Once he does this attack again, a different item and stat will be blocked.


  • “Defeat Omega 6 times”

This requires starting up a new expedition, spawning Omega, and defeating him 5 more times after you defeat him the first time. Each new encounter and defeat will get you a new set of dialogue. Every encounter after the 6th time will repeat dialogue.

Written by Derpy Q

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