OUTRIDERS – 100% Achievement / Trophy Guide

A guide for 100% game completion.

How to Obtain All Achievements


43 achievements. Everything can be earned as you progress; nothing is missable.

  • Completion time: ~35-40 hours when playing with others.
  • Difficulty: 5/10.
  • Offline achievements: 0. Server is required.

Story Achievements

  • Awoken to a Nightmare.
  • In Rode a Hero.
  • Wavelengths and Wishes.
  • One Way Ride.
  • Malpractice.
  • Breaking the Seal.
  • Fatherhood Ain’t Easy, Boss.
  • Descent to Fury.
  • One Last Chance.

Side Quest Achievements

  • Urgent Task: Complete a side quest.
  • Multitasking: Complete 25 side quests.
  • The Burdens We Bear: Complete “The Outrider’s Legacy”, this side quest has an achievement. Quest is located in Trench Town.
  • Squaretasking: Complete all side quests.

There are 25 quests, if you are missing one that is probably the secret quest called Forgotten Chapel.

Side quest locations devided per location:

Rift Town

  • A Bad Day
  • Pour One Out
  • Payback
  • Terra Infirma

First City

  • No Place Like Home
  • Endless Dark

Eagle Peaks

  • Divine Intervention
  • The Scientific Method

Deadrock Pass

  • Nature’s Call
  • A Free Market

Wreckage Zone

  • 0 side quests, only hunter and wanted quests (see below).

Trench Town

  • The Outrider’s Legacy
  • Return Fire
  • A Heart of Gold
  • Life’s Treasure


  • Dying Wish

Forest Enclave

  • Rigging The Game
  • Predator to Prey

The Stronghold

  • The Other Ingredient

Ancient Ruins

  • Old Powers

The Gate

  • Unknown Presence


  • 0 side quests, only hunter and historian (see below).


  • Shepherds of Enoch

Desolate Fort

  • Big Iron

Canyon of the Grand Obelisk

  • Turning Point
  • Forgotten Chapel [Secret Quest]

You must interact with 5 pillars to trigger this quest. Video for assistance:

Pax City

  • Sins of our fathers

The Caravel

  • 0 side quest, historian only (see below).

Collector quests

Patron of the Past: Complete the Historian questline.

Historian questline list: Don’t forget to talk to Madame Beauvoir after you completed these quests (she is located at Rift Town)

Quest / Location

  • Everlasting / Rift Town
  • Timeless / Rift Town
  • Inspiration / First City
  • Vision / DeadRock Pass
  • Roots / Quarry
  • Memories / The gate
  • Survival / Dunes
  • Connection / Canyon of the Grand Obelisk
  • Change / Pax City
  • Evolution / The Caravel

Hand of Death: Complete the Wanted questline.

Wanted questline: Don’t forget to talk to Ujio after you complete these quests (located at Trench Town).

Quest / Location

  • The Perforator / Rift Town
  • Hannibal / First City
  • Hailstorm / Eagle Peaks
  • Brickhead / DeadRock Pass
  • Bloody Baron / Wreckage Zone
  • Scalp King / Quarry
  • The Hornet / Forest Enclave
  • Maneater / The Stronghold
  • Headmasher / Ancient Ruins
  • Blitzkrieg / The Gate

Big Game Hunter: Complete the Hunter questline.

Hunter questline: Don’t forget to talk to Noah Dembele after you complete these quests (located at Trench Town).

Quest / Location

  • Coldclaw / Eagle Peaks
  • Oreyard Queen / Wreckage Zone
  • Bigjaw / Quarry
  • Splittooth / Forest Enclave
  • Moldfang / The Stronghold
  • Spinewretch / Ancient Ruins
  • Wendigo / The Gate
  • Hauras / Dunes
  • Sandshifter / Desolate Fort
  • Typhon / Canyon of the Grand Obelisk

Class Achievements

  • Fortune Favors the Bold: Reach character level 10.
  • Leave Humanity Behind: Reach character level 30.
  • A Gathering Storm: Unlock a class tree node, you will get this when you will spend your first class point at the skill tree.
  • Surpassing the Tempest: Master a branch of the class tree for any class, unlocks by adding skill points to the same branch/section of your characters class tree. Note: you can always reset the skill tree.

Kill Related Achievements

  • Snap of the Fingers: Deal a total of 1,000,000 damage.
  • Overtime at the Morgue: Kill 3,500 enemies.
  • Gravedigger’s BFF: Kill 7,500 enemies.
  • Misfortune Loves Company: Kill 10 enemies with no more than 2 seconds between each kill, this is easier to do on small beasts since they always come close to you. If you have trouble with this, lower the world’s tier ( open map [M], then press Z and choose tier 1)
  • Coup de Grace: Kill an enemy afflicted with at least 4 different status effects: easier to do with the combination of two skills and two weapons. Some status effect have slower duration, you can change mods at Dr. Zahedi. It can be done with coop partners too, but make sure you get the kill before the status effects disappear.

  • Clash of the Altered: Kill 5 Elites using skills only, can be boosted with a coop partner. Your partner can shoot them, you can finish them with your skill when they are low. The other method is lowering the world tier to level 1 and killing them with only skills. Elites are marked with red skull on the minimap.
  • Fistbump: Kill a total of 50 enemies with any melee skill: self explanatory, use F for melee
  • Hitting the Jackpot: Kill 1,000 enemies in Expeditions: expeditions unlock after completing the main story, just kill 1000 enemies for the achievement in this mode.
  • Ace in the Hole: Use a skill enhanced by 4 different mods: equip 4 different armors with the same skill. If you are lucky, you will find items with the same skills. If not, you can change mods at Dr. Zahedi. You unlock mods from dismantling items.

Crafting and Item Achievements

  • Hard Bargainer: Sell 300 items: you can sell items to vendors in towns or at Bailey (progress in the story for that).
  • One Man’s Junk: Dismantle 300 items: open your inventory, select weapons/ armors with rmb, then press DEL (default for dismantling).
  • True Potential: Use crafting to improve the rarity of 15 items: Talk to Dr. Zahedi and choose a green item (blue rarity works as well, but green costs less) -> then improve rarity option
  • Inventor’s Almanac: Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods for crafting: you unlock mods by dismantling items.
  • Extreme Engineering: Use crafting to replace 10 item mods: Talk to Dr. Zahedi, choose a weapon/ armor with a skill, then click on mod gear and choose a different mod. Repeat this 10 times.
  • Spoils of War: Equip a Legendary item: you will get legendary items after some story missions, so don’t worry about this one.
  • Legacy of Enoch: Equip a character with Epic or Legendary items only. Only purple and gold items count. Equip these in every slot.

Resources and Collectibles

Prospector: Mine ore from a deposit 30 times: you can mine on every location, look for these spots:

  • Knowledge is Power: Fill in 150 journal pages.
  • One for the Books: Fill in 300 journal pages.

Challenges, Accolades Achievements

  • Been There, Done That: Reach Accolade level 10.
  • Been Everywhere, Done It All: Reach Accolade level 20: Press I -> Accolades, on the right side you can see how many challenges you need to reach the next accolade level. This should come naturally as you work on other achievements. If not, we recommend grinding combat accolades.
  • Classy: Complete the highest tier of 4 class-related Accolades for any class. (see below)
  • Outrider, First Class: Complete all Accolades for any class. Press I -> accolades -> choose your class. 42 accolades belong to this, all skills have 5 tiers.

Suggestions for the grind:

  1. First Town, set the world tier to 1 so enemies will die faster. Just follow the campaign’s route. 
  2. Solo expedition called Heart of the Wild, but anything works with beast enemies. Change the challenge tier to 1, you can get 150-200 kills within 20-25 minutes (this is recommended only if you have strong gear).

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