New World – Guide to Grouping New Characters (Early Game – Level 5)

This guide provides the steps to join with group members very early in the game.

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How to Grouping New Characters Early in the Game

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Perform all the tutorial missions to the point of making a meal and turning in Rustle Up a Meal. Then travel to a meet up location and continue the game. Your map will indicate when you can switch NPC’s as multiple of them will offer similar missions just after Rustle Up a Meal is turned in.


Company members, friends, etc. may want to join up before the main story line to do the missions as a group. There are several benefits such as increased XP, assisted skill escalation via group resource gathering and trading, quickened story line progression, etc. Based on game play during the open beta, we observed that characters are randomly placed in one of four starting zones, with no mechanism for starting the “tutorial” in a group. This short guide explains a quick method to get together in a group.

Mission List

The following list provides the minimum number of missions that must be completed solo as well as some side notes. It should be noted that this is the training tutorial of the game that can no be skipped, as of yet.

Tutorial Missions

  • Beach (Start – no loot available)
  • Sole Survivor (no loot available)
  • Investigate Watch Tower (chest by fire and another in the boat)
  • Rest of the Crew (should be level 2 or 3 by now)
  • Skinning Knife (also make a Flint Mining tool)
  • Rustle up a Meal

Once the Rustle up a Meal is turned in, open your Map and you should see missions opened up at multiple start locations. This is your opportunity to leave your current area and join group with your team once everyone has completed Rustle up a Meal.

Missions from Meet Up Location NPC

  • Anything you need help with
  • All that remains
  • Remnant of Doom (cave mission with weapon crate)
  • Watcher’s report

Note: some mission names may slightly differ, but have the same progression


Before the process is started, team members should designate a server to create characters as well as a zone to meet in to begin the main story line, town quests, and eventual faction quests. It is suggested to choose the server and create characters in a way that allows ample time for character creation, forging, and exploring. Additionally, deciding what level each character should be at before grouping might also be a consideration. It takes very little effort to work up to level 8/9 before meeting.

This should take less than 90 minutes and includes: character creation, completed tutorial missions, and traveling to the agreed-upon meeting zone. Each of the starting areas have a cave. I would strongly suggest running through the cave to get XP and to search the weapons crate inside. Get your preferred weapons as early as possible and slot your first three weapon skill points in the primary actions.

If you have time before the previously determined meet time:

  • Harvest Hemp, water, hyssop / bulrush cob.
  • Mine rocks, ore, saltpeter (you have to create a flint mining tool at the fire).
  • Hunt boars.
  • Explore and fight mobs to gain XP.

When traveling from the start zone to the meeting location stay close to roads as mobs may be level 20. In the beginning parts of the game the roads may prove the safest means of travel. Upon arriving at the meetup area you should be able to continue together from there. You will need to continue missions from the contact in the meeting location until they send you to town.

  • Anything you need help with
  • All that remains
  • Remnant of Doom (cave mission with weapon crate)
  • Watcher’s report


On some missions, anyone in the team can click the objective, or talk to someone and everyone gets credit who has the mission. On others, each person must perform the action to get credit.

The main story line will begin upon talking with a Magistrate (or equivalent) in the city who offers Rumors about a Hermit which currently requires level 12.

Do not skip the main story line with the intention of doing it later. There are built in minimum level requirements for some aspects of the story line. Some of us that skipped it and went back, felt “punished” as we could no longer remember which city was our “starting city” to get the quest. Others had issues later due to skipping. At the minimum take the first mission. Whether you do it or not is up to you.

Also, when the Hermit tells you to help out around town, don’t forget faction quests.

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