Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Pestilence Quest

Stuck on Pestilence? Here’s some tips!

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Pestilence Quest

All credit goes to T\'urev Schrödinger!

It’s not the plague (yersinia pestis) in the game. it’s something else. A major suggestion is to have Henry decent at reading, and some basics in Alchemy. Note Alchemy isn’t mandatory, but the reading will make your life easier.

Now, as you know many diseases have the same symptoms. So you’ll need to go through a process of elimination in order to figure out what exactly is going on. While there are symptoms of all three P-Variants, none are exact on the money.

Remember, they didn’t have cross-national vaccinations back then (big hint). It happened one day after the raid, animals including horses died with the next days after, people then began to get sick. At the point in time only one casualty (He was old and on his last leg anyway). The disease causes shakes, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, chronic stomach pain, and the side effects caused by those in turn.

Note all the animals small and large died then the humans got infected. It’s a cross-species disease.

The reason everyone got sick? The water got poisoned…. Yep!

Note: This is my first playthrough. I don’t know if it’s different for everyone or not yet. Some games do that. You’ve been warned. Match things up, read the book, and make an educated guess.

So after you ensure you figure everything out and read the medical book with the Brother, the first one:

  • Diphtheria is off the list because it does not infect animals. 
  • Next is Plague, which is also not the one as it doesn’t affect small animals, and the major symptoms are not relevant to what the people are suffering from. 
  • It’s not the Saint Vitas Dance, as evidence itself shows no one is outright that far gone with delirium. Only one man has an issue associated with that, but he’s just having memory and facial recognition issues, which “can” be caused by prolonged fever resulting in brain damage.
  • Typhoid Fever isn’t it either, Diarrhea is uncommon and vomiting is not usually severe. Also, Symptoms may vary from mild to severe and usually begin six to thirty days after exposure. Keep in mind it’s only been 3-4 days. 
  • Dysentery results from viral, bacterial, or parasitic infestations. These pathogens typically reach the large intestine after entering orally, through ingestion of contaminated food or water, oral contact with contaminated objects or hands, and so on. This is enough time (Next Day) for this to happen but isn’t our culprit either due to it would have hit the humans harder and before the animals. 
  • Gas Poisoning is also a big nope.
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