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Terraria - How to Beat Hypothema from the Enigma Mod

Written by trainhead1201   /   Jun 15, 2019    
Terraria - How to Beat Hypothema from the Enigma Mod

Hypothema is the second boss out of the Pre-Hardmode Trio in the Enigma Mod. This guide will help you defeat this boss, with explanation of what weapons, armour and accessories to use as well as a simple strategy.

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As a summoner, you have few options at this stage of the game. You could try for the vanilla Imp or Hornet staffs, but that require beating the Queen Bee and surviving in the Underworld. However, Dune Sharkron drops Ancient Shards which can be used to make the Sand Shard Staff.

Unfortunately for summoner, there are no Pre-Queen Bee armour sets at this stage. Summoners should either use Gold, Platinum or Crimson armour. There are also no Summoner-specific accessories at this stage.


The first Enigma thrown weapon is the Snowflake, which is dropped by Hypothema. This means you will have to stick with vanilla throwing weapons. Ideally, you'd want to use Bone Throwing Knives and Bone Javelins, but they are hard to obtain. Normal Javelins should be your main weapon in this fight. If you've killed Pinkies, you may be able to get Molotov Cocktails. In terms of armour, you could go for the Fossil Armour, but as I mentioned before that is hard to obtain. Crimson/Gold/Platinum armour may be a better choice.


Melee have a lot more options at this stage. If you want to be risky and close, you may want to use a sword like the Blade of Grass, Fiery Greatsword, or if you've defeated skeletron, the Night's Edge. The Blade of Grass is the easiest option, and the most ranged sword at this stage.

You could also use an Enchanted Sword as a ranged weapon, or boomerangs such as the Thorn Chakram and Flamarang. Yoyo users should use the Amazon or Code 1. In terms of armour, Crimson/Shadow armour are great for melee. The Magma Stone could be useful, as Hypothema is not immune to On Fire.


Like Melee, you have a ton of options. If you like bows, the Tendon and Demon Bows are very useful, and if you're willing for a trip to hell, the Molten Fury is great. Arrows such as Jester's or Unholy Arrows are recommended.

The Undertaker/Musket, Minishark and Boomstick are good options for gunslingers. Musket Balls should be fine at this stage in the game, but Meteor Shots and Silver Bullets are better.

If the player has defeated Skeletron, they may use the Necro Armour. If not, the player should use Crimson/Gold/Platinum armour.


If you have a Crimson world, the Crimson Rod will be great for a flying boss like Hypothema. Staffs such as the Ruby or Diamond Staff are good choices. If you've mined a meteor, the Space Gun would be great.

If you're lucky enough to find a Waterbolt before killing Skeletron, that would be a great choice. Another modded spellbook is the Sandstorm in a Book, obtained with Ancient Shards from Dune Sharkron.

Jungle armour with the Hat would be great for mages, but if you struggle to survive in the Jungle, yet again Crimson/Gold/Platinum armour should do.


Mystics have limited options at this stage. The best weapon is Gaia's World, but players may have trouble getting all the gems. An easier and still good option is Hermes' Flight, only requiring Wood, Fallen Stars and Feathers.

There are two main Mystic armour at this stage, the first one being the Shroom armour, and the other being the Jungle armour with the hood. Shroom provides little defence and is very weak, so Jungle is recommended.

The Spore Cloud is a simple mystic accessory available at this stage.


Movement accessories such as the Hermes/Spectre Boots, Sandstorm/Blizzard/Fart/Cloud in a bottle and the Shiny Red Balloon are recommended to dodge attacks from the boss. If in expert mode, the Shield of Cthulhu can greatly help.

The Shark Tooth Necklace is great for increasing DPS, especially in Expert Mode. The Worm Scarf is great for glass cannon characters.


A good strategy is to have an atleast 4 platform arena, and use jumping/flying methods to circle the boss. Its homing attacks can be very deadly, so using Shield of Cthulhu when on ground is a good idea.

Written by trainhead1201.

Game:   Terraria