MORDHAU – Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

This guide will teach you how to expertly use the objectively strongest weapon in the game, the beartrap.

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Why I love the beartrap (and why you should too).

The beartrap is an amazing and underappreciated weapon. Most MORDHAU players will first experience the beartrap with one of the default classes and then probably never use it again. This was the case for me as well. However, upon revisiting the beartrap when trying to make some fun, gimmick classes, I found that they were an excellent choice and clever usage of them often put me at the top of the scoreboard.

People do not often look at their feet. Players are too distracted by the enemies in front of them to ever take the time to look down. You can easily use this to your advantage and quickly become a beartrap master, a supreme hunter who can sit and relax while his prey kills themselves in front of him.

To become a true trapper, you must put yourself in the mindset of the opponents. Which angles will they come from? Where will they be looking? How far will they go to pursue you? Through careful study, you can take advantage of your knowledge (as well as your enemy’s stupidity) in order to get tons of kills and annoy the enemy team to the point of rage-quitting.

Your Loadout

Your trapping equipment

Before you go on your trapping expedition, you must be properly equipped. I recommend a strong but inexpensive primary weapon for finishing stubborn enemies off, or for when you run out of traps and are waiting at the supply box.

MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

I prefer to use the billhook because it is a cheap polearm which allows you to push and pull enemies. You can use this if you are kiting and enemy player around a trap in order to either yank him into a trap, or to make him have uncertain footing and accidentally walk into a trap that you have placed.

Other weapons like the short spear and the arming sword work are good alternatives if you want to put more points into your perks.

Your secondary and tertiary weapon slots should be reserved for beartraps. You can place down four beartraps at a time so this will let you place your full set after only one supply box refill. Placing more than four beartraps will result in your oldest trap breaking. You should also know that crouch walking over beartraps will not spring them. This will let you navigate your trap nest safely.

Your trapping clothing

Trapping helpless enemies in the wilderness requires the proper clothing. Trap damage is based on leg armour and it is almost certain that at one point or another, you will accidentally step into one of your own traps. For this reason, I recommend using rank 2 or rank 3 leg armour. Personally, my armour is Head 1, Torso 2, Legs 2. But a 1, 1, 3 setup would work just as well.

MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

Your Perks

Perks are not nearly as important as the other parts of this build, however, having something like tenacious can greatly increase your survivability. I like to use that, as well as fireproof in order to fend off pesky firebomb spammers who wish to ruin your precious trap nest. Fear not, however, traps cannot be destroyed by fire.

Your life is the most important thing to protect when you are trapping. After you die, your traps will break a few seconds later. This can result in some kills after death but it is rare. You want to live as long as you can so that your traps can as well.

MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

Maps and Trap Placements

Always vote Crossroads

A true trapper must know his environment. Having a good spot to camp, set up your nest, with access to a supply box is essential.

Crossroads is the best map for trapping. It has many tight, dark spaces for you to terrorize your enemies from.

The first step of trapping on Crossroads is to always pick red. Being on red will allow you to have an advantage because of the direction that the blue team spawns from. Your new home base, where you will set up your trap nest, will be the lower are of the middle point.

The Spot

MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

This little ledge is the most powerful vantage point for any aspiring trapper. Standing on this ledge allows you to gain points from capturing and holding the middle capture point, while also staying safe.
Not only this, but enemies will be distracted by you standing above them and will not notice all of the traps at their feet.

Placing your traps

MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps
MORDHAU - Best Weapon Guide / Beartraps

The two images above show two, of the many possible, variations for your four trap placements. The door facing the blue spawn that is right next to the spot is where most enemies will approach you from. This door will funnel the enemies directly into your nest.

You want to place the traps, not directly in front of the door, but in a semi-circle around it on the inside. The inside of the middle point is very dark and it is difficult to see the traps among the dirt and foliage. Not only that, but as mentioned early, your presence in the spot will distract them from looking at their feet.

There are also two supply boxes very close by should you need to refill your traps. Be careful, however. One of the supply boxes is in the open space towards blue’s spawn and the other is on the stairs going up towards the objective. The one on the stairs is the safest option because you can jump from the bottom area in order to reach it without actually going up the stairs.

Underneath the wooden steps is also a great place for a trap as it is even darker and enemies will often circle around underneath those steps to try and get you.

Things to Note

Your team is your enemy

Teammate are often not supportive of your dreams. They will try to stop you from being an amazing trapper. They will walk into your traps, setting them off. They will think they are enemy traps and try to spring them. Your teammates are not your friends. If they get knocked down or killed by your traps, it is their fault for not looking at the ground.

Luckily, the game agrees with you and does not give you any negative points for damaging or killing teammates with traps, as you would with any other teamkill. Just be ready to replace your traps when a horde of your teammates unwittingly sets them all off.

Finishing them off

Not often, but occasionally, enemies will invest in their leg protection. This means that when they walk into a trap, they will not instantly die, but instead fall to the ground, temporarily stunned. At this time, you should take advantage of your primary weapon and your positioning in order to jump down onto the enemy and stab them before they get up. You can usually finish fallen enemies in one to two hits.

Other maps

Now that you cannot play the same map two times in a row on Frontline, you will inevitably have to play on a map other than crossroads. When this happens, if you still feel like trapping, just try to place traps in bushes or around blind corners. Baiting enemies into these types of placements is easy as most enemy players will try to chase you if they think they can win.

Here is a ranking of all of the maps in terms of how easy it is to trap on it:

  • 1 – Crossroads
  • 2 – Taiga
  • 3 – Grad
  • 4 – Camp
  • 5 – Mountain Peak

Hopefully this guide helps you to become a master beartrapper!

Written by kyyoo

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