Dead by Daylight – Adiris Guide (The Plague Killer)

Guide on the The plague killer.

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All credit goes to PinkJbm!

The plague is the sixth killer in Dead By Daylight and shares the same home as the Huntress.
She is in fact the oldest killer to haunt this game.


“The killer becomes obsessed with one survivor at a time and once the obsession is struck with a basic attack reduces the killers aura to 0 for 120 seconds and gives the obsession the aura tremor to trick survivors.”

“Any survivor near a survivor in a dying state from basic attacks will scream for 6 seconds revealing their location.”

“The generators located the most distance from the killer at the start of the trial will be unable to be repaired for 120 seconds.”


Holding down the power button will charge a bile attack that causes the broken status effect if a survivor is hit with the bile enough times and can be used on objects to infect other survivors who interact with them.

The plague can consumed infected pool of devotion and gain a buff for a short time that transforms the bile into a straight damage effect instead of over time broken status, this will allow players to cure themselves again at that pool.

Note the killer can spray this onto generators and hooks to infect players who interact with them.


Survivors have to find pools located in white when struck with the bile from the killer to cure the broken status effect. This will heal the player to full health and allow two hits again.

Red pools are contaminated and provide the killer with a buff if consumed back to healthy state.
If all pools are consumed the buff is automatically activated for the killer and they’re back to cured.

Dead by Daylight - Adiris Guide (The Plague Killer)


The temple of purgation is the killers unique map that was added to the game and like so above is in the same world as the huntress. Is the temple of the infected followers.

Dead by Daylight - Adiris Guide (The Plague Killer)
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