Death Stranding – How to Check the Weather

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How to Check the Weather

In Death Stranding, weather can be as much of a problem for you as traversing the world. It can take its toll on the cargo you’re carrying, weakening the container before weakening the cargo itself. Timefall also usually means dealing with BT’s as well. Luckily, you don’t always have to brave through it.

While some areas of Timefall coincide with Orders and are therefore impossible to skip, generally traversing through the world, the Timefall will ebb and flow. Sometimes it will be raining and you’ll have to deal with the effects, and other times it won’t and it’ll be smooth sailing.

There’s also a way to know when and where it’s going to rain, but you’ll need to play a ways into the game before you unlock it.

How to Unlock Weather Patterns

The only way to unlock the ability to see where Timefall will be is by completing Order for Sam Number 27. You’ll start at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, and deliver a Chiralium reading device to a Weather Station to the Southwest. Upon delivery, you’ll unlock the ability to see weather patterns using your Cuff Links.

How to Read Weather Patterns

Opening up your Cuff Links, you can now press in R3 to see weather patterns. Blue flashing areas will show areas of Timefall, while arrows will show you direction that the Timefall is heading. You can adjust the amount of minutes away you’d like to see, meaning you can plan out when to venture through an area based on when the Timefall will stop.

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  1. Helpful if you told us what the equivalent of R3 is on a PC keyboard. Love how everyone assumes you are using XBox crap.

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