Death Stranding – How to Enter South Knot City With Nuke

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How to Enter South Knot City With Nuke

At the end of Episode 3 in Death Stranding, you’re presented with a strange package from a strange man in Lake Knot City and told to deliver it to Fragile. You may have missed this quick line of dialogue, as well as the line of dialogue Diehardman said about Fragile being unable to jump into the Beach and being holed up in the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City.

If you’re trying to figure out how to enter South Knot City with the nuclear bomb, the short answer is, you can’t. It will result in a game over. Instead head over to Distribution Center and enter into your Private Room to trigger a cutscene where you’ll remember the strange man is Higgs, and you’ll be tasked with getting rid of the bomb, instead of bringing it to South Know City.

How to Get Rid of the Nuke

You’ll have to dispose of the bomb in under 20 minutes on the edge of the lake north of South Knot City. You’re going to be heading for the beach in between the Junk Dealer and the Chiral Artist’s studio.

Cross the bridge to the Southeast of the Distribution Center on your Trike, and circle around the north side of the MULE encampment. Pass the Junk Dealer and head straight south riding over the hill. Then head east along the beach to the spot where you’ll dispose of the bomb.

To throw the Nuke into the lake, go into your cargo and put it into your hand. Hold down R2 as you exit your inventory to hold the Nuke in your hand, then press Square to swing the Nuke and let go of R2 to throw it.

After you’ve thrown the Nuke, you’ll trigger a long cutscene of Fragile’s backstory with Higgs, after which you’ll be able to continue your supply run south to South Knot City.

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