Drug Dealer Simulator – Starers Guide

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Complete starter guide for new ‘dealers’ as well as some additional tips for everybody.


Before we take off into the world of selling the goods, you need to know the basic controls.

  • Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Peeking: Q & E
  • Interaction: F
  • Inventory: Tab
  • Cell Phone: (Hold) Tab
  • Inventory Distribution: Drag and Drop (All items) / Alt + Drag (One item)


When you first spawn, Eddie calls you to meet up with him at the local square. First objective is to get out of the house with a key. The key is located in the small cabinet to the left of the black couch.

Also, there is an empty red backpack above the small cabinet you should definitely grab. It will come in handy.

Lastly, use the “objective compass” on the bottom of your screen to find Eddie. He is directed to the right after you exit the building

First Dead Drop

After Eddie explains everything, he sends you to retrieve your merchandise from a dead drop. Follow the exclamation point (!) on the bottom of your screen which will lead you to the area where the amp and grass is located. The merchandise is usually hidden in a vent, trashcan, or some other debris that you have to find.

The items you need to find for the first dead drop is against the brick wall in a vent to the right of the wooden boxes.

Also, there is a can of spray paint to the right which you will need later.

First Clients and Deliveries

Once you find your way home, go to the laptop. Double click the clients’ name and click ‘Confirm Current Order’.

Afterwords, they will pop up on the map as well as on the bottom of the screen. Go and find them with the product and confirm the transaction.

Pretty self explanatory.

Gas Station

The gas station is used to buy things to lace your products and to buy spray paint.

There are 2 secret cans in a spot you can grab so you don’t waste your money on new spray paint. I found my cans at this location; however, I do not believe it spawns there 100% of the time.

This is located behind the ‘Two Towers’

While you’re there at the gas station, buy some baking soda. I will explain why in the ‘Work Station’ section.


Once you’re at your home again, go to the laptop and double click on Eddie’s name. Make a new order of 12g of grass and 10g of speed.

Now the delivery will take 30 in-game minutes. You can bypass the time by pressing T while inside your home.

Work Station

Once you’ve activated the work station, you will need to place down your product as well as your equipment. Afterwords, tab over to ‘Lab Mode’ and drag your products into the jars.

To package some product, you will need to click on the jar (again, in ‘Lab Mode’) and scroll down with the scroll wheel to ‘Package Product’.

In the gas station section, I explained that you will need to buy some baking soda. Although this is not required, I would recommend lacing your amp. Lacing is not an uncommon method of profit in this game as well as the real world. However, what you lace with and how much can effect your rep and client count.


We are going to mix the amp and baking soda in a 7g to 3g ratio. 7g being the amp and 3g being the baking soda.

  • To start things off, you will need to left click your jar of amp.
  • Then, right click your mixing tray and click ‘Add Substance’.
  • Add 7g of amphetamine to the mixing tray.
  • Repeat with 3g of baking soda.
  • Then right click the mixing tray and click ‘Apply Mix’.

Once mixed, you will most likely have something close to 10g but not exactly. You can package the mix and just dump the remaining.

From now on, if a client asks for some speed, you can give them this mixture and they will be okay with it.

Reputation and Risk Factor

As you progress in the game, you will notice that your ‘General Risk Factor’ and ‘Exposition Factor’ (As seen in the ‘Character’ section in your inventory.) and your ‘Average Client Satisfaction’ will fluctuate throughout the game.

If they get too high, the DEA are more likely to track you down and your customer count will diminish. Try to keep all of these in the green/yellow.

To do so, use some precautions and rules:

  • Do NOT kill your clients
  • Do NOT forget about your clients
  • Do NOT get caught by the police
  • Do NOT carry a backpack excessively
  • AVOID selling to addicts
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