The Escapists 2 – How to Escape the Centre Perks 2.0

Three methods of escape.

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Perimeter Breach (Possible in Singleplayer, Easier in Multiplayer)

  • Keep your security low, get your intelligence to about 50.
  • Craft shovels from metal sheets, duct tape, and a tool handle. 
  • Upgrade + repair shovel with the recipe: (Shovel below Sturdy tier) + duct tape + metal sheet. 
  • If your tunnel is gonna be any longer than three blocks long, you’ll need timer braces (3 timber).
  • Cover up cell windows. If security level is too high, you may be in trouble, as the guards will remove bed sheets from windows. 
  • (Multiplayer) Have your buddy cover up the hole while you are digging. You should be able to still get out of the hole afterwards. Lowers risk of detection. 
  • Make a bed dummy for digging in the night. 
  • Make sure when you ascend, it’s 2Am, snipers take a break around then. 

Meet the Crew

  • Get to intelligence level 50. 
  • Go to the second floor. In a room next to the social room (can be found with the map key). 
  • Grab the radio and the civilian clothes. 
  • Scavange desks for a broom and a duct tape. 
  • With a broom, radio, and a duct tape, craft fake audio equipment. 
  • With all of this, go to the room near the front door of the prison after evening rollcall. Equip the civilian clothes and the fake audio equipment. 
  • Interact with the doors leading out of the prison.

Last Post (Multiplayer Only)

  • Get intelligence to 50 on at least one player. 
  • Make a crate base (Two timber, one nails).
  • Use the crate base and a Bracket to make a crate case.
  • Use timber, nails, and a hammer to make a crate top. 
  • Find a Postal adress in someone’s desk.
    If you can’t find it, try the next step, and then searching again the next day. 
  • With your co-op partner, go visit the east side of the prison. There will be a co-op door. Enter, and use the components on the pedastal. 
  • Get all players in the room with the complete crate, branded with a postal adress using a button.
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