The Escapists 2 – How to Escape the USS Anomaly

So you’ve decided to escape the USS Anomaly.

Well then your in luck today i will be showing you how to!


All credit goes to FireVsGaming!

If you was fortunate enought to be put in that highly secured space prison with a friend your in luck!
you will need to find them busted, broken old escape pods north east of the cells! why? well you need to fix it dummy.

Go look in one of the unfortunate souls desk who are going to be robbed by you and try find a oxygen tank then go get your friend to open the door for you and put it in the escape pod 😉

Now you will need to get some knowledge into your puny little dumb brains and read some books so you can soon then get bleach and bleach your outfit for a infirmory outfit and then go into the medical desk south west from the escape pods 😉 and steal that medical mesh and patch up that escape pod 😉

Now! you’re life accomplishment is nearly done! all you need now is a wire (found in a desk or a body) or a battery from a guard or somewhere else then you use that knowledge of yours and combine that into a energy module! and then you repair that escape pod and leave! Run for your life!


Ok so you decided you don’t need help! well you’re in luck!

You need to head to the guards quarters east of the prison where the cameras are and go to the controband desk and take the jet pack! now your chances of escaping getting higher! but beware you will need a guards outfit and need to find a red key! to get the red key you will need talcum powder and toothpaste to make a puddy then will need to combine that with a red key to make a red key mould but you have to put the real key back or there will be a lockdown and remember you need to be smart! read them dusty old books! now you need a lighter and a comb or toothbrush to make molton plastic then combine them and get a fake red key to get the jetpack now! you will need to make it to the wardens office west! and then you’d need to get a gravity control from the wardens office and will need that jetpack of yours!

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