Age of Empires Mobile – Cavalry Line Up Guide

Cavalry Guide: The Best Line Up

This is my opinion on the best line up to aim for if you are choosing cavalry as one of your marches.

Key point in this line up:

  • You can use Guan You primary hero for skill damage.
  • You can use Atilla primary for DPS (attack damage).

Guan Yu

Guan Yu is easy to obtain as a free to play player as you can acquire. Guan Yu from the tavern with legendary recruitment tickets.

Guan Yu does high single target skill damage whilst also providing a critical damage buff to your troops attacks.

Guan Yu’s Skills:

  • Commander Skill – Dragon Blade – Deals might damage to a single target whilst providing critical strike chance to your troops.
  • Signature Skill – Gallantry – Provides critical strike rate to troops, provides critical strike chance upon entering battle.

Atilla the Hun

Atilla the Hun is going to be a harder hero to acquire for this line up as can be obtained by the legendary advent wheel on day 3 of a server opening which you can spin the wheel via Ancient Coins or purchasing legendary advent pack to obtain wheel spin tickets.

Atilla the Hun provides double attack buffs to your troops which pairing with Guan Yu’s critical strike can provide massive attack damage and be devastating to your enemies.

Atilla The Hun Skills:

  • Commander Skill- Nomadic Strength – Troops enter the double attack state and increases movement speed bonus to your march.
  • Signature Skill – Annihilator – Chance for your troops to enter double attack state

Rani Durgavati

Rani Durgavati can be difficult to obtain for this line up as can be obtained via the daily bundle.

Rani works well with this line up as also allows your team to enter the double attack state further increasing that attack damage with Guan Yu’s critical strike buff.

Rani Durgavati Skills:

  • Commander Skill: Blade Of Gondawa – Deals might damage to single target and buffs troops attack damage
  • Signature Skill: Warrior Queen – Puts your troops in to a double attack state whilst also increasing your troops might

This line up can be difficult to obtain for a f2p player but f2p can obtain Guan Yu and Atilla so here are some potential substitutes for this line up which are easier to acquire.

Replace Rani with Harald to still provide a buff to your team as a third hero in your line up.


Harald provides some skill damage to your team.

Harald Skills:

  • Commander Skill: Viking Strategy – Increases all your heroes 3rd and 4th skills whilst also decreasing damage taken to your troops from pikemen.
  • Signature Skill: Heroic Berserker – Deals might damage to single target whilst enhancing your commanders skills.

Key tips for this line up:

  • This line up shines when fighting swordsmen troops.
  • This line up is weak against pikemen.

Avoid fighting line ups from a pikemen such as Leonidas, Richard, Frederick Barbarossa as the counter attack can be devastating for this line up when dealing damage with critical strikes.

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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