Honkai: Star Rail – Best Strategy for Calyx

Tips for Calyx

This strategy works for all players so don’t worry.

The way you do this is you go to the Outlying Snow Plains on Jarilo VI.

Then you go the the Calyx For Exp Books for Characters.

You go into the party section and you should have a Herta which you recieved for clearing 1 of the floors in the simulated universe.

Then you see the Green Support Button. You click that and find somebody who has a Himiko.

Using this strategy go in and use herta’s NA or Skill to break the fire enemy and then use Himiko NA or Skill to break another enemy.

After that 2 follow up attacka will happen and that battle will end and then it will say 2/6 battle if you use this strategy to max efficiency.

Then break another fire enemy with Herta NA or Skill. Which should then set off a barrage of follow u attacks and the game will play for you.

And you will finish within no time.

I hope you have fun abusing the follow-up attack mechanic and blaze on trailblazers.

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