Pizza Tower – How to Beat Pepperman

Are you struggling on the very first boss of the game. First, OOF! second, this guide will help you beat him. Read only if you are struggling, unless you don’t plan on getting the game and are just curious. fine by me, but why else would you be here? I don’t ask, i make the guide.

Guide to Beat Pepperman

The breakdown

After collecting 10 toppins (at the minimum) you purchase the boss door and enter, new players will struggle a bit. But this guide is only for those who can’t beat him in half an hour (due, HOW?!)

Shoulder bash (forms 1, and 2)

The first attack should be easy enough, jump over Pepperman when he charges, attack when he starts flashing. Attack two is when Pepperman turns around when you jump over him. these should be very easy to do.

Ground pound (forms 1, and 2)

After the shoulder bash attacks, Pepperman will begin to ground pound where you were just standing. again, should be simple enough. Here is where the actual trouble comes in, in the second form, he bounces off the floor and off the walls. Many players forget that uppercut exists (attack+up) so you can get him while he is still in the air.

Sculpture bash

The second form of the shoulder bash is added with sculptures you have to attack into “art” to stop Pepperman. There is a lot more trouble, but I am here to help. If you can get him to bash into the wall closest to the sculpture, you can have him turn around and finish running to the opposite side (this info will be very helpful later).

Second phase!? When did bosses have those?!

Do not panic! Because Peppermans second phase consists of the same attacks, just faster. This is where the previous info, is put to the test. But Hold on! The addition of sliding statues make the stage more dangerous to go through. If you play your cards at the right time, you can dodge the statue and Pepperman. The sculptures you have to attack are stronger now, witch is where the trick comes in, it gives you plenty of time to hammer away while Pepperman charges away.

How Do I Kill the F***ing Tiny Pepper!?

If you remember how to go fast, all you need to do is go, FAST! If you cant damage him while he is tiny in the time provided, he will return to normal size and begin the second form of ground pounding.

You want a taunt strat? FINE! Here is your bloody taunt strat.

Just taunt when he shoulder bashes, and when the statues slide around. thats it. What? Expecting more? Too bad! Take your stupid c rank and get out (unless you got A-P rank, then stay for five more seconds. You are in my house. Get out).

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