Sons Of The Forest – How to Find the Optimal Spot to Base

This is a short and helpful guide telling you how to find a good spot to build a base, and set your self up!

Safety First!

When finding a spot, you obviously need to make sure that you’re safe! As cannibals are a big danger, the best idea would be to find a location far away from cannibals.

A great way to do so is to find the general location you want a base. Then, walk in circles etc around the area where your base is to make sure there are no camps.

I would also highly recommend living in a very open location, so you can see cannibals from afar as they approach, instead of being caught off guard by them.

Nature in Your Surroundings

Something very important while finding a spot for your base is access to water and various natural resources. The most important is to live near water.

Luckily, the map is dotted with lakes, rivers, and various other water-related things I can’t name off the top of my head. Your best bet for a place to live is next to a river, especially due to the accessibility of fish.

You can also use water as a defense mechanism. Cannibals aren’t very smart, so often if they fall into a fast river, they won’t really be able to cross it easily. Having a base next to one would probably be a good idea, especially since you can also drink out of it. (Water is VERY important)

Don’t forget the plants! Bushes, Trees, and Rocks can affect you in either good ways or bad ways. Wherever you choose to live, make sure to clear out the bushes from the surrounding areas, since cannibals like to hide and disguise themselves in them.

Trees are also a large risk to your safety. Some cannibals climb up the trees and pounce down on the unsuspecting player. Make sure to leave an open space without bushes or trees around your house.

Rocks can be helpful as well, especially for use to look around and stand on, or just to add some variety to the terrain to make it a bit harder for cannibals to maneuver.

Don’t Forget The Story…

One of the biggest parts of this game is the story, so you’re gonna want to be able to access the story as best as possible.

Don’t stray off to the far corner or side of the map, it may seem safe, but long journeys to different locations are going to affect your food and water supply badly, and also leave your base open to get attacked while you’re gone.

But be careful! While some places may seem to be a little decoration spot, they may turn out to be a bit of a danger, so stay safe and watch where you step…

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