Stardew Valley – Relationship Building Guide to Elliott

Quick and basic guide to being able to fix your relationship with Elliott!

Guide to Being Able to Fix Your Relationship with Elliott

Starting here!

“He is a writer who dreams of one day writing a magnificent novel. He is sentimental and “romantic” with a tendency to write poetry about flowers. When he can afford it, he enjoys a strong drink at the Starfruit Saloon”.

Elliott lives alone in a cabin on the beach near Willy’s Fishmonger. He is friends with Willy and Leah.

Some of the tips are very explanatory for those who are really starting with friendships and relationships!

I hope I help!


  • Crab Cakes (Crab, bread and egg flattened and fried until golden brown).
  • Duck feather.
  • Lobster.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Squid ink.
  • Tom Kha soup.

He likes

  • All Universal Tastes (except Amaranto and Pizza).
  • All Fruits (except Pomegranate and Blackberry).
  • Octopus.
  • Squid.


  • All Universal Neutrals (except Duck Feather).
  • All Eggs (except Null Egg).
  • All Fish (except Carp, Lobster, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Slug, and Squid).

Do not like

Some of the items below I actually thought he’d like until I dig deep and research and bring them around more easily. But oh well, Elliott caught us off guard.

  • All Universal Dislikes (except Pisces).
  • All milk.
  • Narcissus.
  • Dandelion.
  • Purple mushroom.
  • Pizza! Don’t forget, he hates pizza!


“This item gives me a terrible feeling. I’ll have to get rid of him”.

He really doesn’t hide that this was a bad idea to give him.

  • BlackBerry.
  • Sea cucumber.
  • Quartz.
  • Amaranth.

A tip for anyone who is really interested in following this bond with Elliott

After receiving a letter from Elliott, visit the Museum between 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm (It doesn’t have to be the same day).

When you reach 8 hearts you will be able to ask on a date. To do this, buy a Bouquet from Pierre’s shop (it will only be available for sale when you get 8 hearts from someone).

Written by Yaza Manako

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