Tarisland – Ancash Defense Raid Guide

How to Beat Ancash Defense

Phase #1

For all of Phase 1 – Boss will summon waves of adds. None of them are challenging or noteworthy. On the last set of adds “Phantom of Aslow”. There will be 3 that spawn in the middle, they will do a constant pulsing AoE Dmg. Make sure to focus 1 at a time.

Phase #2

The boss will cast a debuff on the main tank “Core Erosion” (Makes the tank take increased damage). Tank swap or pop CDs and heal through it Interrupt “Arcane Shield” when casted by boss – Boss gains a shield that absorbs 20% of boss’s health.

Dodge Red Circles & Beams.

Boss will also choose 3 random members of the raid and place a red circle under them. These 3 people need to run out of the raid, as they will drop a “Fire-Patch”.

Boss will choose 2 members of the raid to be placed in “Limbo State”. These 2 individuals need to go around the map and collect “Souls” (White orbs). If they fail to collect all the souls in time, they will explode causing huge AoE Damage to the raid.

Screenshot of what a soul looks like, as well as the debuff of “Limbo State”:

At 10% Boss will spawn a bunch of Harpy Adds. Ignore them and just burn the boss.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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