The Front – How to Collect Resources


Acquiring resources allows you to build structures, craft equipment, craft vehicles, and deploy defenses.

There are many ways to obtain resources in The Front!

How to Collect Resources

Only basic resources can be collected. There are three ways to collect resources: by hand, with tools, and with vehicles.

The Front also provides structures that automatically produce resources, such as mines and oil wells, which can be unlocked from the Structure tab of the Tech interface [O].

These structures must be connected to an electrical system to function.

By Hand

With Tools

With Vehicles

Simple Mineshaft

Simple Oil Well

In the Wild

While exploring the wilderness, you will sometimes come across Waste Barrels and Trash Baskets. Loot these to obtain a small amount of supplies.

From Points of Interest

There are many Points of Interest scattered around the map, such as gas stations, military bases, abandoned factories, churches, villages, and more.

These locations are often guarded by armed NPCs and thugs. Looting these locations can yield more types of supplies than you can get from exploring the wilderness, and you’ll have a higher chance of obtaining advanced items.

Supplies from the Future

Supplies sent from the future will appear randomly on the map, and will be especially visible at night. These supplies are divided into five different qualities: uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and exotic. Each quality tier is restricted by level:

  • Uncommon (Green): Lv. 1-20
  • Rare (Blue): Lv. 21-30
  • Epic (Purple): Lv. 31-40
  • Legendary (Orange): Lv. 41-50
  • Exotic (Red): Lv. 51-60

These supplies generally hold high-value materials, including a chance to get high-quality items and blueprints.

Trading and Raiding

You can exchange supplies with other players by using the “Discard” function to place them on the ground. If you are on a PVP server, you can also obtain supplies by killing other players and raiding their bases.

When a player is killed or a structure is destroyed, the supplies in their inventory will be dropped on the ground, at which point you can press [F] to loot them.

NPC Drops

There are many points of interest and mines scattered around the map. These locations are often guarded by armed NPCs and thugs. After killing them, they will drop items. Certain special NPCs will drop better items.

Spacetime Beacon Supplies

Receiving supplies from Spacetime Beacons is a good way to regularly obtain large amounts of high-value items.

Once you’ve placed a Spacetime Beacon, you will periodically be able to receive supplies. You will need to take adequate defensive measures before receiving these supplies, because when supplies are incoming, a large number of NPCs will attack your beacon.

Only by protecting your beacon from being destroyed for the duration of this raid and killing a sufficient number of NPCs can you receive the supplies.

For every round of supplies you receive, the number and strength of these NPCs will increase. Naturally, so will the quality of the supplies you receive.

How to Receive Spacetime Beacon Supplies:

  1. Approach your Spacetime Beacon and press [E] to interact with it.
  2. At the Spacetime Beacon’s terminal, based on your defensive capabilities, select the number of rounds of supplies you would like to receive, and then click “Receive” in the lower-right corner.
  3. Protect your beacon from being destroyed during the raid and kill the requisite number of NPCs.
  4. Once you’ve successfully defended your beacon from the raid, approach your Spacetime Beacon and press [E] to interact with it and claim your supplies.
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