PUBG – Top 5 Mistakes (How to Improve Your Gaming Skills)

This guide identifies the five most common mistakes made by new players. It also provides advice on how to improve your skills in the game. Thank you for choosing this guide. Let’s begin.


The guide will cover five common mistakes that many players make. There are certainly other mistakes that players often make as well, but these five will be the focus. The mistakes covered may or may not apply to you specifically, as it depends on your general approach to playing the game.

Mistake #1: Spending Too Long to Loot

Your approach depends on your playstyle. If you land in a crowded area with many other players, you should consider engaging in early fights to acquire their loot. However, if you prefer a low-risk strategy and avoid highly populated areas early on, the blue circle might not pose an issue if you manage your positioning well.

Solely looting houses may cause you to miss valuable opportunities to obtain good loot from eliminated enemies. You might acquire better armor than your opponents, giving you an advantage if you have superior firepower. However, do not needlessly endanger yourself. If you have a good assault rifle and some armor, you can likely eliminate a few players. Afterward, find a vehicle and continue your progression.

Ultimately, it depends on whether you want to play cautiously or take calculated risks by engaging enemies early on. This high-risk approach will not always succeed, and you will be eliminated more frequently.

PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve
PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve

Mistake #2: Dying to the Support Drop

Supply drops contain the best gear in the game, including powerful weapons like the AWM sniper rifle, ghillie suits, and high-powered scopes.

Many players, including myself in the past, make the mistake of recklessly rushing to supply drops. You should carefully evaluate the drop’s location before attempting to secure it. Blindly rushing in will likely get you eliminated. Timing is also crucial – check if other players are already converging on the drop site before you arrive.

Supply drops tend to attract numerous players, so be prepared for combat. The area surrounding the drop location is important to consider. If it lands in a crowded area, expect others to be watching and firing at anyone approaching. Even if you secure the drop, you may be under fire and potentially eliminated.

Understand the terrain around the drop zone. Enemies may rush you after exiting your vehicle, or snipers could engage you from elevated positions. If the drop is in an open area, you’ll need a vehicle for a quick escape.

While the high-tier loot in supply drops can be tempting, you must weigh the risks carefully. Securing an AWM does not guarantee a win, so proceed cautiously or avoid the drop altogether depending on the circumstances.

Mistake #3: Wrong Timing with the Circle

One common mistake many players make, including myself, is poor timing and positioning relative to the shrinking play zone. Being aware of when the zone is shifting and choosing engagements wisely is crucial for success and potential victories.

In the end game stages, it’s very important to avoid taking unnecessary fights when the play zone is about to shift or is already moving towards your position. Engaging in a gunfight instead of prioritizing zone positioning could abruptly end your match. Even if you win the battle, you may sustain too much damage to heal before the zone envelops you or you get targeted by other opponents.

I recommend avoiding gunfights in the final circles unless you have a secure position to take cover or can disengage safely. Players already inside the safe zone almost always have the advantage – they can simply wait for others to be forced out by the encroaching zone boundaries. Of course, the terrain also plays a factor. If there is little concealment in the zoned area, it may favor aggressive pushes.

Exercise patience and make smart decisions in the end game. Managing your timing and selectively choosing which fights to take is just as important as your combat skills.

Two pictures of the blue circle.

PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve
PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve

Mistake #4: Playing in Middle of the Endgame

Moving too quickly when the play zone shifts is a common mistake that can lead to an early elimination. Players will position themselves at the edges of the safe zone, even in the late game, to target those rushing into the new zone boundaries.

I don’t mean you should only move the minimum distance required when the zone relocates. Instead, I recommend clearing out the area immediately surrounding the new safe zone near your position. Also, watch your back trail for any stragglers entering late, eliminating potential threats from behind. Securing the edges of the zone is crucial in the end game. You can also engage players prematurely pushing into the new zone boundaries.

The key point is to move methodically, clear nearby areas of the new zone, and watch for enemies behind you instead of hastily relocating across open ground when the play zone shifts. Patience and awareness are vital to avoiding ambushes during zone transitions.

Playing on the edge in end game.

PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve

Mistake #5: Taking the Fights at the Wrong Time

Engaging in gunfights at inopportune moments is a mistake that all players make at times. When an enemy is spotted, the instinctive reaction is often to open fire immediately. However, this may not always be the wisest decision depending on the situation.

Before firing, consider the following: 1) Can you successfully eliminate or incapacitate the enemy with your current positioning and firepower? 2) Can the enemy quickly take cover and survive your attack? 3) Can the enemy return accurate fire swiftly? 4) Do you have adequate cover if the engagement goes poorly?

Avoid initiating fights where you are exposed from multiple angles with no available cover. Think tactically and do not put yourself in a disadvantageous position during a gunfight. Make calculated decisions about when to engage rather than blindly opening fire on every enemy you encounter.

PUBG - Top 5 Mistakes and How to Improve
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