Slime Rancher – Tarr-Pocalypse Guide

A guide on what to do if the Tarr-Pocalypse has started on your ranch.

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The Safe Zone

Look when the Tarrpocalypse starts on your ranch there is at least gonna be 1 area where you can hide. If you don’t think you can handle the mess outside that area then hide in the “Safe Zone”. Defend that area and wait it out. This is a method that I think you shouldn’t use often and only as a last resort since you will most likely loose slimes and items if you decide to wait it out.

Preparing Yourself Before Hand

If you think your gonna have a Tarrpocalypse ( or your a heartless being who wants to start one for the fun of it ) you can prepare before it happens. The most effective method is to have the water tank upgrade for your vacpack. If your that far into the game, use hydro turrents from The Lab. Hydro turrents are my personal favorite since they can take out the Tarr before a Tarrpocalypse starts!

Right In The Action

If a Tarrpocalypse starts out of no where then try to handle it using hydro turrents and your vacpack. Rescue as many slimes/largos as possible as that Tarrs only multiply when they eat them. Also you don’t want evil rainbows eating your cute and cuddly slimes do you? Anyways if you have none of those things use The Safe Zone method from earlier. This is the only time where I suggest you use it.

How To Make It Fun

If you think a Tarrpocalypse can’t be fun then I suggest you listein if you wish to make it like that.

  • King/Queen of this ranch: This minigame is simple. Get a bunch of slimes and largos and defend them from waves of tarrs kinda like a FPS or zombie survival game. 
  • FPS Fun Time: If you like FPS then your going to have fun just dealing with Tarr in the first place. 
  • SlimeCraft (Starcraft but in Slime Rancher): I suggest for this one go to a area with a bunch of slime science gadget spots. This is like the first minigame but with the fact that you have to only use gadgets (NO HYDRO TURRENTS I REPEAT NO HYDRO TURRENTS) to defend your ground. No water can be involved! 
  • Contanment Breach: See how long you can hold tarrs in a corral before they break out. I suggest you have no slimes around to make sure it isn’t just motivated by a tastey slime snack.

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