New World – Dungeons for Beginners

A dungeon/expedition guide for completely new players. Basic terminology, roles & setups and level requirements.

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Basic general terminology for mmorpg games:

  • LF = Looking for
  • LFM = Looking for member
  • LFG/LFT = Looking for group/team
  • LF1M = Looking for 1 member
  • DPS/DD = Damage dealer

Roles and setups

The most standardized and balanced line-up for 5-man dungeons/expeditions would look like this:

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Healer
  • 3 DPS


  • LVL 25 – Amrine Excavation
  • LVL 35 – Shattered Obelisk
  • LVL 45 – The Depths
  • LVL 55 – Dynasty Shipyard
  • LVL 60 – Lazarus Instrumentality
  • LVL 60 – Garden of Genesis
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