Deep Rock Galactic – Egg Collection Mission (Finding Eggs)

Egg Collection Missions

All credit goes to Disodium!

Egg collection, it is really easy once you know what to look for!

For some people finding the eggs can be tricky, but it is much easier to find them then you think.

To put it simply while you can find some sitting on the ground, the rest will generally be buried in the wall/floor or ceilings of the caverns and tunnels you traverse through.

What to Look For

The eggs that are not located in plain sight, will be buried.
But do not start drilling or digging just anywhere, there is really obvious indicators for where eggs are.

As you roam around keep your eye out for clumps of red blobs on the surfaces of the tunnels and caverns.

Deep Rock Galactic - Egg Collection Mission (Finding Eggs)

Look and see if you can see a red pulse, if not try killing your flashlight (Hold F to toggle light)
Still no luck, well you can dig a little and observe but if you still do not see any glow move to the next spot.

Once you find a spot that glows, start digging towards where the blobs in the wall are most clustered and where the light is strongest, this will lead you to the egg.

Deep Rock Galactic - Egg Collection Mission (Finding Eggs)
Deep Rock Galactic - Egg Collection Mission (Finding Eggs)

Once you have dug up the egg pick it up and drop it into the mule and start looking for the next egg!

Bonus Tip: Keep your eye our for other clusters of blobs or crystals that appear similarly and once again watch for a glow, this is how you find those large rare crystals you see in the trailers and need for upgrades!

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