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How to Trade with Porters

Death Stranding might seem like a lonely experience at first, but along with the online component where players can provide help, you will meet with other fellow porters in your travels.

Porters might usually appear near facilities and safe rooms, but they can also be seen off roads exploring or transporting cargo. They look like MULEs, except for their suits being white instead. You can also double check by looking at the “Porter” name written on their hoods, and they also tend to travel in duos.

Of course, they won’t attack you on sight, and rather wave at you in a friendly way. But that’s not all, since you can also trade items and equipment with other Porters. This is an answer!

Trading with Porters

First, go to the pause menu and enter Cargo. Feel free to select any Cargo that you don’t mind trading, either a used item or an equipment that you won’t be using in this particular trip. Once selected, choose to carry it by hand, either the left or the right hand are fine, and confirm the action.

Once you’re back on the game, press the touch bar on your PS4 controller to greet the fellow porters. If they’re not paying attention to you, go around them until they stop walking. Trade will become available once they look at Sam offering an item with their hands.

In order to trade with Porters in Death Stranding, all you have to do is, while holding R2 for the right hand or L2 for the left hand to carry the item, approach the Porter with the cargo you will like to trade. The exchange will be done automatically.

Be careful not to press the attack button by mistake, since hitting Porters will make them afraid of you, and you’ll miss the opportunity to trade with the NPCs affected.

Trading with Porters in Death Stranding unlocks the “Any Porter in a Storm” trophy on PlayStation 4. After your first successful trade, you can repeat the process with any other Porters you meet along the way.

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