Stoneshard – Basic Survival Guide

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How to Survive

Health and Injuries

The HP bar not only shows your current HP, but also if any part of your body is currently injured. This is displayed by the fact that the bar doesn’t fully extend to the end. When this happens, open the Character panel (C), go to Health and check the status of your body parts.

Leeches and Healing salves are the main way of dealing with minor injuries and restore your max HP threshold but sometimes you’ll break a limb in battle, in that case you’ll need a splint or even surgery. Always carry healing salves, bandages and a splint with you when going on a quest.

To perform one of these actions right click on the injured part and select the action from the dropdown menu:

  • Use a bandage to recover from bleeding.

  • A splint is the best way to restore a broken body part, it can also heal up by itself with time but you’ll possibly end up wasting several days.
  • If you have a broken limb and you’re out of splints you’ll start suffering from Strong Pain, you’ll be severely debuffed and your character can even start moving on random tiles. it’s better to rush at the nearest village and visit the herbalist to buy a splint and some balms, then sleep for few hours to recover. Don’t adventure in dungeons of multiple floors without a splint and something to soothe the pain!

Hunger and Thirst

There’s nothing worse than going on a grand adventure just to die of hunger or thirst on the first floor of a dungeon.

Stoneshard has various “resistance” stats and one of the most important ones is Hunger Resistance. This stat changes the rate of gaining Hunger.

Some items increase this value, others diminish it. Keeping a high hunger resistance is key so you should prefer to buy food that not only satiate your hunger but also increase your hunger resistance. The most common one is venison meat as you can easily hunt and craft it yourself (see the hunting section).

You can replenish your waterskin at any source of water by right clicking on it:

Note: Also you can hunt and cook!

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