Unturned – How to Survive on the Map Washington (Multiplayer)

A beginners guide on how to survive in multiplayer on the map Washington. This guide icludes: where and where not to go, best loot spawns, deadzone locations and more to help you survive on Washington.

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Starting Off

When you first spawn in on washington you will be located near a small settlement like a farm. These smaller zones are always a good, safe place to start. Farms will be equipped with: clothes for extra storage, starter melee weapons, food and water and maybe even a small starting weapon like a weak rifle or pistol. The same goes for camps. After looting a few of these smaller settlements it is time to travel to larger areas, like small towns or military checkpoints.

Where and Where Not to Go

After looting smaller compounds you may be tempted to head straight into seattle ar even the military base. I would not recommend this, however, due to the high likelyhood of death which will set you back to ground 1. Rather than going straight for big citys I would head for smaller ones like Tacoma. Whilst in these slightly larger areas avoid firing a loud weapons, stick to melee. When you first head to these bigger towns your first instinct may be to loot every building, avoid this as much as possible as it is time consuming and pointless. Focus on: police stations, pharmacies, grocer’s, gun stores and fire stations. This way you dont waste much time but get a lot of high quality loot. On washington, deadzones are the least of your worries due to the lack of them. The only one is located just above Bellevue golf course.

Better Loot

Now that you have got a decent amount of loot heading to smaller military compounds is a good idea, just beware that these areas may contain a few players so keep your guard up. By smaller military compound i mean Scorpian 7 and Paradise point. If you dont already have a gun you are bound to find one in these areas. Be sure to switch out old clothes for new as you go to upgrade storage space to hold more items. Before we move on the the next stage make sure you have a gun with decent range and damage and lots of ammo!

Highly Populated Areas

Once equipped with a gun, lots of ammo and confidence you are ready to move into highly populated battlegrounds like the military base and seattle. If you feel the need for more loot head straight for the military base but if you are looking for a battle seattle is the place to be. Now you are fully equipped you are ready to head out in search of better loot, bases to raid and rare vehicles!

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