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Roblox - World of Magic Codes (November 2020)

Nov 7, 2020    

This guide contains a complete list of all working and expired World of Magic (Roblox game by vetexgames) promo codes. You can use these codes to get a lot of free items / cosmetics in many Roblox games. No strings attached! Please remember, codes don’t include Robux (virtual currency). Everyday a new Roblox promo code comes out and we keep looking for new codes and update the post as soon as they come out.

All World of Magic Promo Codes

Active and Valid Codes

You can use these codes to make your character look more unique and receive some stuff! It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. With codes below you can get exclusive rewards:

  • HalloweenBoost: Use this code to receive 24 in-game hours of 1.5x XP and crowns as free reward.
  • WarAges300: Use this code to receive 300 crowns as free reward.
  • FishingMaster: Use this code to receive 5 in-game hours of double crowns as free reward.
  • Alchemy200: Use this code to receive 200 crowns as free reward.

It’s important! The codes are case sensitive, please enter the codes in the game, as they are written in our guide. Note: some codes are working only private servers.

How to Redeem World of Magic OP Working Codes

Press Menu icon. It's bottom left of the screen. Then click on Codes (Twitter bird) icon. Type your code to the opened up tab and push Redeem Code button. Check your free reward.

How to Play World of Magic Roblox Game

The rules are so simply and clear. Explore the globe, learn heaps of totally different magic, and build a guild, all whereas battling alternative players. you'll be able to prefer to shield the world from evil, raising your name as a strong wizard and being praised by the common folk, or become a dark wizard, and learn rare and taboo spells while being asked for by the Magic Council.

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