The Escapists 2 – How to Escape the Rattlesnake Springs

This guide has got you covered with a fast text tutorial on how to escape Rattlesnake Springs semi-risk-free.

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The second prison (excluding Glorious Regime and the escape mission) in the game. If you were paying attention in the intro, there is a good chance you heard the whole prison is built under a mineshaft. And that’ our ticket to freedom. Sure, there are multiple ways to do this however I believe this tactic is the easiest one. I will do solo then the multiplayer mode next.


  • This has to be sloppy but if you almost want to do this in one swoop, you just have to craft a multitool. I mentioned the recipe and materials in the tips. 
  • So after being convinced to make the multitool, head to the small room which is attached to the lumber room job, which is also near the cafeteria. 
  • Dig a hole in that room, what is so great about this is that the room is not watched by guards and you dont require a key. 
  • Now connect your hole (lennyface) to the main shaft by making a tunnel which is I believe 6 tiles right and 2 tiles down. 
  • Almost there! All you have to do is dig the 2 tiles thicc wall and head upwards. If you are lost, always bring up the minimap and head for the tunnel exit, which is about top right. 
  • By now you probably escaped, if your multitool breaks somehow, don’t worry, there are pickaxes around the shaft for the taking. 


  • The instructions are almost the same thing, but this time, the team will get extra help. 
  • North up job center room, there is a single building with a white door and a ladder down a gap. Have a buddy open the door for you and open it for him. 2 times. 
  • When you go down the hole, you are greeted with another multiplayer gate and a desk filled with a sturdy pick and maybe medkits or adrenaline shot? 
  • At this point, you got what you need, open the gate with you and your pal and start heading right until you are able to go up. 
  • Profit.

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