Deep Rock Galactic – Tips for Upgrade Crossbow and Zhukovs

Upgrade Weapon Tips


Crossbow is not so much a weapon as it is a tool. It feels weak compared to the other options because by design it’s much less powerful damage wise. I suggest you try using it once you obtain fire/cryo bolts overclock for it, as otherwise the weapon is pretty bad.

Cryo minelets are above average when you look at the zukhovs other options. That’s why the vast majority of players regard them as “good”.

For crossbow without overclocks I would highly recommend running the following upgrade mods:

  1. Special Bolt: Taser
  2. Expanded Special Quiver
  3. Stabilizing Arm Brace
  4. Battle Frenzy
  5. Potent Special Bolts

You can also run

  1. Special Bolt: Chemical Explosion with Pheromone Canisters for pretty good swarm clear.

Try to get cryo/fire bolts overclock as soon as possible as they’re the highlight crossbows.


For zhukovs without overclocks, try using the following mods:

  1. Expanded Ammo Bags
  2. Quickfire Ejector
  3. Better Weight Balance
  4. Blowthrough Rounds
  5. Get In, Get Out

To be completely honest I’d advise against using zhukovs altogether without overclocks as they are weak, unreliable and run out of ammo insanely fast.

That being said once you get ANY RED overclock for them they become somewhat powerful.

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