Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Support Prismatic Hunter Build (PVE)

Support Prismatic Hunter Build Guide

Given that I am vehemently against Golden Gun (+Nighthawk Still Hunt) being our overpowered options (again) I wanted to see I could cook on a Prismatic Hunter focused on Support.

I’ve been playing around with a few things given that I really like Prismatic and this is the idea I have so far. The concept for the build is as follows:

  • Providing DR for allies
  • Being able to spot-heal allies in a pinch
  • Having a bit of damage in the form of both Transcendence generation while further supporting allies with Orb generation
  • Given we don’t know what the Exotic Class Item will allow, maybe options such as Aeon Swift exotic perk later to also add ammo generation?
  • Any suggestions are appreciated
  • Note: I don’t really care about meta, I’ll use it when I need to and I have it available to me but where I can I like to play builds that I personally enjoy, plus I rarely play without my guild anyway who all know I’m the wacky guy trying to make Hunter a Support since early Lightfall.

Exotic Gear: Renewal Grasps

Weapon: No Hesitation (Support Frame, Psychic, Incandescent or Circle of Life)

Grenade: Duskfield

Melee: Shuriken (Pickaxe)


  • Winter Shroud (Dodging slows nearby targets)
  • Don’t know about a second aspect to be honest, probably Ascension for the mobility and amplify?


  • IDK but I’m thinking the Stasis one so it grants Frost Armor with Facet of Purpose


  • Balance (Rapid Light DMG kills grants melee energy. Rapid Dark DMG kills grants grenade energy)
  • Devotion (Killing enemies with Strand/Stasis debuffs on them grants Light Transcendence energy)
  • Sacrifice (If you have a Light buff, ability final blows grant Dark Transcendence energy)
  • Generosity (Killing blows while Transcendent drops Orbs for allies)
  • Purpose (Grants a Light buff based on your equipped Super when picking up an Orb)
  • Hope (Extra class ability regen while you carry an elemental buff)

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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