Dungeonborne – Tips for Getting Started

How to Get Started

Class Selection


Glass Cannon?

Go Pyromancer. Amazing Q ability (fireball) that gets more damaged as it is charged and a short movement burst after fully charged. The E ability creates amazing distance in PvP and PvE situation’s. It is a pushback that does roughly ~30 damage. It’ll allow you to at minimum get a Q off and potentially a staff attack.

Into Melee?

Rogue is your best choice. Absolutely nuts opening with stealth, ability to petrify opponents and mobs. Has backstab that does INSANE damage. Highest movement in the game. The class is all around in my opinion the best class currently till movement is massively buffed.


  • Strength = Increased % phys damage.
  • Dexterity = Increased % crit damage and flat movement speed.
  • Stamina = Increased % max life and phys resistance.
  • Intelligence = Increased % elemental damage.
  • Will = Increased % elemental resistances.
  • Faith = Increased % amount of healing/shielding done.

Elemental Damage: fire, cold, lightning, holy, and shadow are all considered elemental damage.


Depending on the class, you’ll want to hover over ALL of your passives for whatever class you decide to take. This is completely stat related (Will,Int,Strength,etc.).

You’ll want to adjust to exactly what you want out of YOUR IDEAL BUILD. There is realistically no meta at the moment.


Tough choice honestly. Every class is dependent and each has it’s own gear/weapon. If you go into Pyromancer which is my personal favorite, you’ll want to get the lightning staff. Does AoE damage on a M1 cast when charged.

Charged is your “R” key for most and will display charge in the bottom right above your weapon slot. This can create distance, punish frontliner’s and is pretty solid for PvE.


Honestly, every chest is worth hitting. Bosses/Mini bosses are always a solid choice if you’re able to fight them. Gear is amazing as you’d probably already assume.


Learn the map by playing, don’t look at guides,etc. You’ll never understand anything about a map without playing and seeing what is actually going on. The “eye monster’s” usually have good loot as well and are easy to fight so don’t sway away if you see them around in the map.

Enemies & PvP

Enemies currently have a wide hit box currently as you do. Charge your melee attack all the way and hit them for a stun and you’ll be able to get a hit or two off before the mob will attack. Mob’s do punish more than normal which mean’s don’t run in and take massive amounts of damage.

PvP, it’s honestly a toss up. Whoever get’s a better opening usually win’s this. Death Knights can grip their teammates back and a healer is amazing. When it come’s to frontliner’s. Try to take them out as fast as possible then move in on the backline. Pyromancer’s have a tough time fireballing since they’ll hit their own teammate as well and that could cause some tilt and the falling apart of a group.

Basic Dungeon Strategy

So as a dungeon explorer we must know that we should always have a good teambuild.

Basic Build:

  • Front: Rogue/fighter Tank the damage and protect preist take care of mob.
  • Midle: Preist provide heal and should die the last.always give heal in fight.make your teammate full hp asap after fight.
  • Last: Mage /rogue Take care mob at last,sneak attack enemie/ready ur fireball to do aoe dammage on enemie.

Expert Build:

  • Front: Sword master: Main dps/take care of enemie.
  • Midle: Mage just slam ur fire ball to enemie (trust me you can make them all low in 1 shot).
  • Back Preist: Beware of mob at the back support your teammate well.

Hopefully this guide helped you!

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