RimWorld – Funky Weather (Anomaly Expansion)

New Weather

Grey Pall

  • Min Monolith Level: 1
  • Favorability: Bad

A gritty fog clings to the air. The smell is rotten and acidic. This unnatural weather creates feelings of dread.

Deathpall – Unnatural Fog

  • Favorability: Very Bad

A death-gray cloud of black dust has descended on this area. The smell is ancient and putrid as the diffuse dust enters every crack and crevice.

The dust is made of corrupted archites that will enter corpses and reanimate them into a twisted imitation of life.

The dead will rise! Burn, bury, destroy, or move corpses indoors to prevent them from Resurrecting.

Blood Rain

  • Favorability: Very Bad

Anyone exposed to the blood rain for long enough will be driven into a berserk rage. Certain traits and psychic sensitivity influence the berserk effect.

Infographic by MortalSmurph.

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