Loop Hero – Some Miscellaneous Tips

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A couple observations made through the hours of trial-and-error.


The Deets

  • Ratwolfs and Skeletons consistently drop higher level gear.
  • Placing a village adjacent to a Vampire Mansion will cause the vampire to run amok, ransacking the village. It will no longer heal or give you quests, instead spawning four ghouls every loop. After three loops, the vampire will have satiated its mad, wild hunger and will rebuild and upgrade the village.
  • Using the Arsenal on the Knight will allow you to equip headgear. This will give you a spike effect where enemies will take damage upon attacking you. This is most notable on fast-attacking creatures such as spiders and goblins of which will pretty much kill themselves on you.
  • You can place Blood Groves next to forests and thickets, not just Groves.
  • “A Village?” will spawn with every 10 forests/thickets placed. The enemies that spawn here cannot harm the Necromancer (read: literal free xp and loot).
  • The Storm Temple will scorch any forest placed in its path, giving 0.5 magic attack instead of attack speed.
  • Placing a Blood Grove next to a burned forest will instantly create a Hungry Grove.
  • Battlefield ghosts can trigger again, creating a ghost of a ghost. They can trigger a third time…
  • The Ghost of a Ghost of a Ghost (called Prime Matter) will insta-kill you on its seventh strike.
  • Ruins spawn Scorchworms which have a 40% chance of fleeing when killed (read: they drop no loot and remain on the map). This can be very annoying if you have a battle on the next tile since the surviving Scorchworms can still shoot you from behind! Blood Groves will guarantee their death.
  • The Necromancer is not welcome at Outposts. Instead of spawning an assistant, the outpost will deal damage to ALL entities on the battlefield periodically.
  • Cemeteries placed on corners have a dead tree. This is apparently enough to feed a Blood Grove, though this may be a bug.

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