OUTRIDERS – Devastator Bleed/Burn Endgame Guide (for CT15 Solo and Group Play)

Devastator Bleed/Burn Endgame Build


This build is all about increasing the damage enemies take while they are affected by bleed/burn so that your damage over time, skills and weapon mods can all scale at the same time. Earthquake excels at dealing with large group of stacked up enemies and with the proper setup you can melt entire waves with it.

Devastator is naturally more tanky than the other classes so you don’t need to care much for defensive mods and can focus purely on damage.

Video Examples

CT 15 Solo Chem Plant 8:26

CT 15 Solo Boom Town 5:12


  • Gear
  • Skills: Earthquake / Golem / Gravity Leap

Class Tree

Get as much Anomaly Power / Cooldown Reduction / Status Power gear as you can combined with the Seismic Commander Set. Best in slot set pieces are Helmet, Chest and Pants. Purple Gloves / Boots.

Use any legendary automatic/burst weapons that have damage mods with 3-4 seconds cooldown such as T3 Shadow Comet or T3 Wrath of Moloch on both weapons and swap between them to trigger the mods on cooldown. You can use a lot of mods for this so it’s up to your preference. Pistol with vulnerability for the extra tanky targets. You’ll have a lot of Status Power so the duration will be decent.

If you plan to use the T3 Fortress weapon mod I’d still recommend weapon swapping between the damage mods.

Stacking mods like like T3 Tainted Blood (Increase the damage dealt to enemies afflicted with bleed by 25%) will boost your damage from all sources including the big nukes from the weapon mods and your Earthquakes. Other examples would be Bullet Kindling, Captain Hunter and the Seismic Commander set bonus.


  • Anomaly Power increases the damage of your Earthquakes and makes you really tanky with the “Protected by the Anomaly” class node. It claims to also boost Status Effects but I haven’t noticed a difference.
  • Cooldown Reduction reduces the time it takes for your skills to be ready again. You’ll be getting 30% from your tree for seismic and global cooldown reduction from your gear. 30% from the tree + 30% global will put your Earthquake down to 6,7 seconds.
  • Status Power will boost the damage of your damage over time debuffs (Bleed, Burn, Toxic) and increase the duration of Vulnerability and Weakness. Having a lot pushes bleed and burn to very competetive damage numbers.


  • Earthquake will be (should be) your number one damage dealer in most missions. With the proper mod setup it has incredible aoe and burst potential mowing down big stacked up groups of enemies with ease. Always try to maximize the amount of enemies you can hit with it.
  • Golem is mainly there to get some occasional damage boost for your Earthquakes thanks to the Paladin class tree node. It’ll also save your life in bad situations. Having no duration mod for Golem means it’s cooldown will start sooner resulting in more Paladin uptime.
  • Gravity Leap is probably the most versatile skill devastator has. You can use it for some quick damage, get out of sticky situations and also helps with getting to those pesky sniper nests. For some reason it’s also able to stagger enemies who are immune to stagger.

Class Tree

Seismic Shifter honestly feels more tanky than Warden while also providing a lot of damage. You could remove the Stone circle + Through the Mob node to get Executioner and Pure Anomaly for more damage if you prefer but I personally like the extra tank power. If you use the T3 Ultimate Bone Shrapnel weapon mod you can probably remove the bleed duration nodes and also get Unending Watch (Golem Cooldown) and Perpetual Motion (Gravity Leap Cooldown).

Armor Mods

You have a total of 10 armor mod slots available.

5 Earthquake mods you’ll want to aim for

  • T1 Blood Shock to apply bleed with your Earthquakes so that you’ll profit from “increased damage taken when bleeding” set bonus and mods.
  • T1 Earth’s Legacy to get a massive range boost of 60%.
  • T1 Ground Crush to increase the base damage of Earthquake which then also scales with your Anomaly Power.
  • T1 Extra Quake / T3 Second Quake to nuke huge waves of enemies and generally to have an easier time applying bleed to everything.

4 Mods to increase all your damage done to enemies – including weapon mods

  • T3 Captain Hunter boosts your damage against Elite enemies by 25%. It’ll make it easier to deal with single target which usually takes Devastators the most time.
  • T2 Bloody Boost makes enemies take 15% more damage from everything you do when they bleed.
  • T3 Tainted Blood makes enemies take 25% more damage from everything you do when they bleed.
  • T2 Bullet Kindling makes enemies take 20% more damage from everything you do when they burn (Recommended weapon for 100% AoE burn uptime is Inferno Seed).

1 Mod to boost your Anomaly Power

  • T3 Arms and Anomaly boosts your Anomaly Power by 19946 for 6 seconds after scoring a Critical hit.
  • T3 Power Assimilation boosts your Anomaly Power by 11061 for each Elite enemy present on the battlefield.

Weapon Mods

There is a lot of flexibility here. You can mix and match the mods to your preference/availability just make sure they have similar cooldowns so they trigger at the same time. Ideally you’ll want to have two Tier 3 mods on your weapons so naturally you’ll need a legendary that already comes with a good damage mod (Inferno Seed is my personal favorite).

Here are some mod examples

  • T3 Shadow Comet is my personal favorite. It does 210003 damage on level 50 in a 3,5m radius around your target and all you have to do is hit with a single bullet. 3 second cooldown.
  • T3 Wrath of Moloch is your best option to apply burn to enemies while also coming with a 161541 damage burst in a 5m radius around your target. Keep in mind however that it requires a critical hit (headshot/weakspot) to trigger. 3 seconds cooldown.
  • T3 Deadly Disturbance is a simple aoe burst for 222927 damage in a 5m radius around your target after scoring a critical hit. 3 seconds cooldown.
  • T3 Ultimate Bone Shrapnel does 203542 damage in a 5m radius around your target and applies bleed to everyone. It’s great as secondary mod on Inferno Seed to apply both burn and bleed to increase your damage while Earthquake is on cooldown. 3 seconds cooldown.

These are my current favorites however I do not have every mod yet so there might be better options – for T3 Deadly Disturbance at least. Some people like to use T3 Fortress since it boosts your total damage by 43% but it felt just a bit slower to me over using 2 burst mods. If you want to use it for higher Earthquake numbers put it on one of your weapons and only switch to it when Earthquake is off cooldown.

Honorable Mentions

  • T3 Claymore Torrent does 98863 damage in a 6m radius around your target. Can only hit up to 4 targets. 4 seconds cooldown.
  • T3 Sandstorm does 232619 damage over 5 seconds in an unknown radius around your target. 5 seconds cooldown.
  • T3 Kinetic Stomp does 232619 damage in a 5meter radius around yourself if you fire a shot. 4 seconds cooldown.
  • T2 Death Chains applies a damage over time effect to a single target dealing 193849 damage over 3 seconds. 2 seconds cooldown.


Anomaly/Cooldown Reduction/Status Power on every piece if possible. Cooldown > Status Power.

Seismic Commander set piece you want are Helmet/Armor/Pants.

Purple Gloves/Boots.


As mentioned in the weapon mod section this is pretty flexible. I’m currently running Inferno Seed with T3 Ultimate Bone Shrapnel mod and Imploder with T3 Shadow Comet.

Check your legendary weapons and if you notice some of them have a damage burst effect add another one.

Budget Gear / How to Get Better Gear

Obviously most people won’t have all this gear available right away but luckily this build still works really good on a budget and can clear some CT15 maps solo with average gear.

I recommend the mission “Scorched Land” to boost your challenge tier since it has a very generous time to get a gold medal.

Budget Armor

Make sure to check every item for good stats. It’s not too hard to find a piece of armor with the perfect stats for this build since you can also make use of blue rarity drops.

This is an example of gear you should not throw away. Often enough it’ll come with an Earthquake mod you want making it the perfect choice to upgrade. This one is still not bad since you might get a good mod from the choice of 3 when upgrading it to epic.

Budget Weapons

From my experience T2 Death Chains is the best T2 weapon mod available for damage. If you find an automatic/burst gun with it consider using it by adding another damage mod. Keep an eye out for weapons with mods that deal damage.

How to Play

Your biggest strength is AoE. You’ll be swapping between your two primary weapons to activate their damage mods all the time while applying bleed/burn to everything making enemies take a very large amount of extra damage. Depending on the mods you use you’ll have to get a feeling for the mod cooldown. I’m using 3 second cooldown mods right now so they’re very easy to time and don’t feel like a hassle at all.

Make sure to apply bleed before dumping your weapon mods if possible to not miss out on the huge multipliers. (Easier to do if you use T3 Ultimate Bone Shrapnel) If you use Inferno Seed with T2 Bullet Kindling make sure to Earthquake – trigger T3 Wrath of Moloch – Earthquake x2.

Always try to hit as many enemies as possible with your Earthquakes. Don’t use Gravity Leap defensively only – use it to get into better Earthquake positions.

Once you have most of the core gear/mods CT15 will be very comfortable to play in both Solo and Party. Party play allows your bleed and burn to really shine.

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