Dead by Daylight – Guide for New Players

Dead by Daylight is a fun, scary game, this guide is here to show new players how to play the game and the basics of it.

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Different Type Of Status Modes

In-game you have 5 different type of modes!

  • Dying State Mode
  • Injured Mode
  • Fully Healthy Mode
  • Hooked Mode
  • Borrowed Time Mode

Fully Healthy Mode: Is where your at full health and is what you start the match as.

Injured Mode: After being hit by the killer in Fully Healthy Mode, you change you Injured Mode (You can be healed by a perk or another survivor to be back to Fully Healthy Mode).

Dying State Mode: After being hit by the killer in Injured Mode, your character changes to Dying State Mode, in dying state mode, you are stuck on the ground, you can move but slowly, but the killer then has the ability to either kill you by hand or pick you up.

Hooked Mode: When the killer picks you up in Dying State Mode, he will try and find a hook to put you on, that makes you die faster. Once hooked, you can either try to escape or wait until a survivor rescues you. You die instantly after being hooked when in struggle mode on the hook.

Borrowed Time Mode: This mode only works with the Borrowed Time Perk, when hit after you got unhooked in injured mode, your dying state mode is delayed for around 20 seconds.

Basics #1: What To Do

When joining a match, you will be in a random location in the map.

To escape you need to Complete 5 Generators.
Once they are Completed you have to power the exit gates.
All Clear?

Still got alot to learn.
That’s what you have to do.

Basics #2: Sprinting / Running

When running in the match, it may seem fine, but in the killers view, he can see scratch marks on the ground, walls and ceilings. But the scratch marks only stay there for around 5 seconds.

Only run when its necessary.
For Example:
Being chased by a killer.
When the killer is destracted.

Basics #3: Generators

In the match, as said at the start of this guide, you need to complete 5 generators in order to escape. Each generator takes time to complete.

While repairing a generator, at random times you will recieve a skill check, click the “SPACE” bar in the right area to succeed the skill check, if you fail it, the generator will explode giving a notification to the killer.

Generators can take upto a minute to complete.
Generators can also be completed faster with other survivors.

Sometimes people disconnect from the game, this also affects the generators.

If people disconnect before the game starts.

  • 0 Disconnects: 5 Generators
  • 1 Disconnects: 4 Generators
  • 2 Disconnects: 3 Generators
  • 3 Disconnects: 2 Generators
  • 4 Disconnects: Game Over

If they disconnect in-game, the remaining generators needed to be done will stay the same.

Basics #4: Heart Beat

Sometimes in the match you can hear a heart beat, when the heart beat can be heard, that means the killer is in your area. When the heart beat beats faster, he is near you.

Some killers heart beat might not be as hearable (Not even a word haha).
Either have a perk or it is michael myers haha.

Basics #5: Exit Gates

It takes 5 Powered Generators to power exit gates.

In each map there is 2 Exit Gates.
It takes 20 seconds exactly to open an exit gate.
(Gives you 1200 Bloodpoints by opening 1 exit gate).

Basics #6: Don’t Panic!

Some people might run as soon as you see the killer, remember he is in first person mode while the survivors are in third person mode.

Evening if the killer is really close to you, don’t run until you know he’s found you. Cause most of the time the killer can’t see you. Point is don’t Panic!!!!

Basics #7: Injured

When the killer hits you, it isnt game over, it takes 2 hits to be taken down into dying state.
(Some killers have a perk that puts you instantly into dying state after 1 hit [Michael Myers can hit you down in 1 hit in Evil Within 3).

When hit once you are put into injured mode. (Injured makes your character moan and cry more, unless you have the Iron Will perk that stops the noises of the moaning and crying).

Basics #8: Grasp

When the killer picks you up from Dying State mode, you then have a chance to escape!
You keep wiggling until the wiggle bar is full, you automatically escape the killers grasp after the wiggle bar is full [You also change to Injured Mode after escaping].

Takes around 30/20 seconds to escape the killers grasp.
[There is a killer perk that increases the time to escape]

Basics #9: Pallets and Windows

Pallets and windows can be used to slow down killers that are chasing after you.
It takes 50% longer for the killer to go over windows and break pallets.

Good thing to use them!

Writen by DeadOrAlive_Pro.

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