Death Stranding – Order 32: Collection: Old Components (Walkthrough)

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Order 32: Where to Find the Old Components, How to Get the Speed Skeleton

With Fragile and Diehardman suspecting the Junk Dealer’s girlfriend not to be dead, and still researching, you’ll need to try to keep him happy in the meantime by completing a dangerous order for him.

Recommended Items:

  • Bridges Boots (Lv.2) – Now that you’ve got access to the better version of the Bridges boots, start carrying a pair of these at all times instead of the Lv.1 version.
  • Bola Gun Lv. 2 x1 – If you have it upgraded, a Bola Gun Level 2 will be helpful here against the many BT’s you’re about to deal with
  • Power Skeleton – After you’re done with the retrieval, you’ll have a lot of weight to carry. Probably best to have a Power Skeleton.
  • Reverse Trike – Take it as close as you can without getting into the BT Area, then use it for quick traversal back.
  • Hematic Grenade x2 – Always a good idea to have some Hematic Grenades when going into a BT area.
  • Blood Bag x2 – This will power your Bola Gun Lv. 2 and Hematic Grenade

Recommended Path for Order 32:

To get to the area where the Junk Dealer’s old components are, head south from his location using your Trike. You’ll have to climb a small hill and eventually you’ll see the ruins of a city in a large valley. Get off your trike and venture on foot once the city comes into view.

Entering into the South Knot City Ruins, your BB is going to let you know about the TONS of BT’s here. Make your way through slowly, using your knowledge on how to deal with BT’s. Using your Odradek scanner, you should be able to spot lots of small amounts of Old Components lying around the ruins. How you navigate to them is up to you, as they are scattered throughout. Though once you’ve pinged them once, you should be able to see their location on screen.

We recommend making your way south to the most southern components and then heading north, collecting as you go. You’ll need at least 60kg to satisfy the request, but if you’re wearing a power skeleton, you can definitely carry more, so try to grab as much as you can. If you run into a BT that’s too close, kill it with a Grenade or paralyze it with the Bola Gun. The BT’s in this area are so dense that sometimes you can kill 2 or 3 with one grenade.

Once you’ve collected at least 60kg, double back the way you came, sneaking out and using force if necessary, and head back to your Reverse Trike, which should help you carry that hefty amount of packages back to the Junk Dealer.

Arriving back at the Junk Dealer, he’ll be pleased for getting his stuff, but still pissed about his girl, reminded that the ruins themselves where he lost them were due to Fragile Express. Fragile talks to him, letting him know they’ve found his girl. That’s where you come in. Your next order will be delivering proof of the boyfriend being alive to the girlfriend, a fragile Chiral Hourglass.

Note that for your trouble, the Junk Dealer has made a Speed Skeleton for you.

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