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Nioh 2 - All Spa Locations (Hot Springs)

Mar 9, 2020    

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Spa or Hot Springs is a special and secret room that are encountered during completing missions. The spa is used by a player which grants a temporary regenerating effect that restores the player's HP over time, it is best used before fighting bosses or strong enemies to gain a slight advantage in battle.

Spa (Hot Springs) in Nioh 2

Spas are baths that can be used by the players to obtain temporary HP regenerating effects. You can only use the hot spring once and it can be replenished and re-used after praying at a shrine. Spas are usually secret rooms that are guarded by a Nurikabe yokai or are usually found near the mission's objective.

All Spa Locations in Nioh 2

Normally, there are two Spas that can be located in main missions. It is usually found near the mission's objective before reaching the boss, or it is hidden behind a yokai that is disguised as a wall which is the Nurikabe. When you encounter a Nurikabe, you'll hear the yokai moaning and if you approach the wall, its eyes will open. To avoid it from becoming hostile, input the right gesture for it to reveal the secret room that has a hot spring.

Main Missions

The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames

  1. There's a secret wall on the first floor of the burning Great Forge near the mission's objective. You'll have to taunt Nurikabe a wall Yokai for it to open up a path where you'll find the Hot Spring.

The Viper's Sanctum

  1. The Spa can be found in the west inner section from the 2nd Kodama shrine. Before you reach the Spa, you'll encounter a Gaki, Enki, and an Aberrant Soldier.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

  1. Near the third shrine from the Dark Realm where you encounter a One-eyed Oni, exit to the west path and you'll encounter troops from the Imagawa clan, the hot spring is behind a Nurikabe yokai that's on the left side next to a soldier that's sitting.

The Mysterious One Night Castle

  1. The first hot spring can be found right outside the inner section of the fort. It can be found between the exit of the fort and the path leading to another forest area.
  2. The second hot spring can be found within the forest near the objective and the shortcut that leads back to the starting point. You'll find it behind the shack.

The Hollow Fortress

  1. Head to the second floor of the castle from the east entrance of the castle's east gate. You'll find the hot spring behind a Nurikabe Wall after the large storage room where you encounter an Aberrant Soldier before reaching the third floor.

A Way Out

  1. The spa (hot spring) can be found at a section after passing a temple. It's guarded by a One-eyed Oni and it can be found just past it and behind a shack.

Corpses and Ice

  1. It can be found behind a Nurikabe wall just before reaching the boss of this mission. After dealing with the third dark realm, go down the incline where you'll encounter three soldiers guarding the path ahead. In the same area where the soldiers were, there's a Nurikabe wall nearby. Kill it or pacify it with a gesture so that you can enter the room behind it where you'll find the hot spring.

Bird in a Cage

  1. Third Shrine: For the Hot Spring, you must rotate the purple bridge and align it leading to the tower of the castle. Once that's done, head back down the first floor and go to the room where the large spiders were. Go inside the room on the left where you'll find a rotating panel. You'll see a hole on the wooden floor which you can jump from to head in the secret room where you'll also find the last kodama for this mission.

Pervading Waters

  1. Found near the third shrine. Go to the temple near the garden and destroy the white wall to find the inner section of the temple. Just ahead of the room, there's a Nurikabe wall, you won't miss it. The Spa is inside the secret room behind the yokai.

The Frenzied Blaze

  1. Head to the section past the Nurikabe wall which can be found inside the house near the friendly NPC that joins your party. At the small house where you opened a large chest, go to the path on the right where you encounter a Rokurokubi and an axe-wielding soldier. The hot spring is just past them around the corner on the right.

Sub Missions

The Shiftling's Wise Judgement

  1. It's located at the same spot behind the shack near the boss area and the shortcut leading to the starting point of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle.

The Viper and the Butterfly

  1. From the starting point, head down the path and go up the incline that's on the right side. Just before reaching the top, look to your left and you'll see a Nurikabe wall. Try using the "Backflip" Gesture for it to allow you to pass without fighting. You'll find the hot spring in the room behind the yokai.


  1. The same area found in the main mission: A Way Out. Near the second shrine in the forest area outside the village. Kill the Mitsume Yazura yokai first to dispel the dark realm, head to its position and check behind the shack, the hot spring is behind it.


Game:   Nioh 2