Death Stranding – Order 27: Chiralium Gauge Delivery: Weather Station (Walkthrough)

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Time to continue further south, and your next destination is a Weather Station Southwest of your current location at the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot. You’ll want to head that way, continuing South to connect South Knot City into the Chiral Network.

Recommended Items:

  • Bridges Boots (Lv.2) – Now that you’ve got access to the better version of the Bridges boots, start carrying a pair of these at all times instead of the Lv.1 version.
  • Ladder x2 – Towards the end of your expedition to the Weather Station, you’ll come across two rivers that are not yet part of the Chiral Network, while you probably can wade through them, it’s better to just zip over them with a ladder.
  • Hematic Grenade x2 – BT’s incoming, which means bring those Hematic Grenades.
  • Bola Gun Lv.2 x1 – If you took the time to make deliveries to the Craftsman and got your relationship to Rank 3, then your Bola Gun will be effective against BT’s too.
  • Blood Bag x3 – You’ll need some of Sam’s blood to power all the above weaponry
  • Power Skeleton – Carrying all this stuff is a lot of weight, better use a Power Skeleton to help out.

Recommended Path for Order 27:

Once you’re all geared up, head out of the Distro Center and begin making your way across the rocky landscape southwest towards the Weather Station. You should be able to see it in the far distance.

Pretty soon into your journey, you’re going to come across BT’s and they will basically be a part of it until you reach the Station. As always keep low and quiet, and use those Hematic Grenades if the BT’s get to close or start to search for you.

Slowly you’ll creep up the foothills of a large mountain, avoiding BT’s along the way. You should find 1 or 2 online ladders to help you out with the first couple levels until you get out of the Chiral Network.

The edge of the Network coincides with a river, which by the time you hit, you should be out of BT territory. Use one of your two ladders to cross it and continue West til you hit a second river for which you’ll use your second ladder.

After this, you should be in the clear, make your way up the mountain and head to the Weather Station to link it into the Chiral Network. For your efforts, you’ll get quite the haul, including Special Alloys use at all UCA facilities, the level 2 PCC, the data plans for a Floating Carrier, Timefall Shelter and Safehouse, and the Weather Forecast Feature added to your Cuff Links.

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