Dead by Daylight – Ultimate Guide for Survivor

I am Guardian. I have seen a lot of guides that seem to cover only the basics of the game. This guide’s goal is to teach you about everything! Hope you enjoy it.

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Playing as Survivor Overview

TLDR: 4 Survivors spawn randomly and need to repair 5 power generators while avoiding getting killed by the Killer.

The objectives are:

  • To repair the generators. After all of the 5 generators get totally repaired, the escape gates will get powered up so you can open them by using a lever located on the left side of the gate to escape. BEWARE! The gate takes 20 seconds to open, and in the final 5 seconds, it will make a loud noise, warning the killer you’re trying to escape by using that specific gate.
  • To use the hatch to escape. The hatch will spawn ramdonly across the map after 2 generators get completely repaired. You can’t escape using it without having a Skeleton Key or having ONLY one survivor alive.

A list of what you can do as a survivor:

  • Walk around the map without producing loud noises by pressing W-A-S-D, neither making indicators appear for the killer.
  • Run by holding SHIFT. Running might be really useful against SOME killers, but not all of them. Even if you are running, the killer is still faster than you while walking. While using it, you need to be cautious, it makes your character produce heavily breathing noises, and leaves REALLY VISIBLE TRACKS that the killer can follow to find you, making them last 10 seconds(You can’t see them). 
  • Crouch by pressing CTRL, however, it makes your character move slowly. Crouching while near crows doesn’t make them fly away and produce noise, so it’s a great way to hide from the killer if he’s near you. 
  • Repairing allows you to approach an non-powered generator and mantain Mouse1 pressed while it fills an gray-colored bar. Some skill-checks will get randomly triggered while repairing. The repair speed can be bosted by using a toolbox, by having it on with you and pressing Mouse2. 
  • Sabotaging allows you to tear down the hooks that killers use to sacrifice survivors. You can sabotage bear traps or hooks that ARE NOT inside the basement by using a toolbox or Jake Park’s perk named Saboteur. Sabotage also triggers skill-checks, and in case you miss it, it’ll warn the killer just like the generator. 
  • Wood Pallets are placed randomly on the map(between two props), and can be used to create an obstacle to the killer. When you are near then, you can press SPACE to drop them, producing a loud noise, but if dropped ontop of the killer, it will stun him. However, the pallets that were already used can be destroyed by the killer. 
  • Lockers, are places you can hide, spawning next to walls, inside the small house and basement. You can hide in it for 20 seconds before being automatically kicked out. Lockers make a loud noise while interacting, and they’re not the best option to hide if you’re in bleeding mode, because you will be moaning really loud. 
  • Chests are boxes where you can search and get 1 item from it. Although it might help you, it creates a loud sound while interacting with it. 
  • Totems are pieces of skulls that can be cleansed with the objective of getting bloodpoints. However, there is a totem that’s on top of a burning candle, which is linked to one of the killer’s perks, and when broken, will disable the linked perk.

Survivors Role

Ace Visconti

He’s a specialist in luck. His three unique perks increases his chances of getting off a hook by himself, escape from a beartrap, improves his aura reading skills and makes it easier for you to get the best items off a chest.

Bill Overbeck

He’s a specialist on survivability. His three unique perks allows him to survive for 40 seconds after getting hit while already bleeding. In this period of time, you can heal yourself and prevent getting put into dying state, getting up from dying state by himself and make repairing fast if he’s all by himself.

Claudette Morel

She specializes on aiding/healing. Her unique perks allows the perk user to heal himself without the need of a medkit, detect other bleeding survivors without range limits and heal faster and silently.

Feng Min

She’s more of a solo survivor. Her perks are really flexible, making her gain speed after vaulting a window or pallet(during a chase), view the killer’s if he damages a generator or destroys a wooden pallet and repairing generators way more silently.

Dwight Fairfield

He’s a specialist on teamplay. His perks allow him to see other players near him, increase repair, sabotage and chest search if in range of other survivors.

Nea Karlsson

She’s a specialist on moving around the map. Her perks allow her to walk faster while crouching, increasing items duration and not to get staggered if falling off high ground.

Jake Park

He’s specialized on sabotage. His unique perks allow him to destroy the trapper’s beartraps and killer’s hooks without having a toolbox, walk by crows without triggering them, and to be 100% silent while standing still on bleeding state.

Laurie Strode

Just like Bill, she specializes in surviving. Her perks can reduce the killer’s aura reading distance, show her the location of the killer(but he’ll see her aura aswell) and escape from the killer’s grasp by hitting a skillcheck that can be triggered only once every match.

Meg Thomas

She’s specialized on escaping and running. Her perks allow her to sprint faster when starting to run, heal herself when all of the 5 generators get powered up and producing less noise while entering a locker or sprintvaulting a window.

David King

He’s the newest survivor. He specializes in defending his teammates. His perks allow him to get 50% more bloodpoints each time he takes a hit or rescues a survivor from a hook, up to 200%. If in bleeding state, you can burst in speed and dash forward to avoid getting hit and to recover himself from dying state.

Survivors States

Every survivor has 7 health status’, 1 escape and 1 disconnected status.
These statuses are:

Healthy Status

The state you start the match with. A healthy survivor is not injured, neither producing pain noises.

Injured Status

The state you get when you get hit once by the killer, step on a beartrap, or get hit by the Huntresses’ hatchet. An injured survivor produces very high pain groans, leaves blood tracks and moves slower than the usual. You can be healed by teammates, by yourself with a medkit or Claudette Morel’s unique perk, “Self Care”.

Dying Status

The state you get when you take damage when already in Injured Status. Your survivor will start to crawl on the ground, while bleeding out(yes, you can die while in this state). The killer may pick you up while you’re defenseless and try to kill you on sacrifice hooks. You may recover up to 85% of your health while laying on the ground, but you’ll need another survivor to aid you, unless you’re using David King’s perk “No Mither” or Bill Overbeck’s “Unbreakable”.

Hooked Status

The state you get when the killer hangs you on one of his sacrificial hooks. You’ll have a health bar that depletes with time. If your health reaches half, you are going to the Struggle State, where you’ll need to hit SPACEBAR multiple times to survive. Other survivors are able to save you 2 times max. If you get hanged for the third time, you will instantly die.

Trapped Status

The state you get when you step on a beartrap. You will need to attempt to escape it, and depending on what perks the killer’s using, you can be forced into Dying Status even if you’re 100% healthy. Other survivors may help you aswell.

Sacrificed Status

The state you get if you get killed while hanging on a sacrificial hook. You can no longer play that match, only spectate the other remaining players.

Bleed Out/Memento Mori Status

The state you get when you’re in dying state and bleeds out(Bleed Out). Memento Mori’s state is when the killer’s using the Memento Mori’s offering, and may kill you if you’re in dying state without having to carry you to one of the hooks.

Escaped Status

The state you get when you escape The Entity(map) by using the trapdoor/hatch or exit gates. You will get 5.000 bloodpoints if you escape using the gate, and 7.000 if you escape using the hatch.

Disconnected Status

The state other players get when they quit or disconnect from the match. If one of the survivors disconnects before the game starts, you’ll need to repair 4 generators instead of 5.

Tips for Surviving and Outplaying Killers

Very important tips for playing Survivor.


  • Do NOT maintain SHIFT pressed while entering a locker, vaulting over windows or pallets unless you are being chased. 
  • If you have recently sprinted, your character will breathe heavily. 
  • Be careful while sprinting, you’ll leave very visible tracks that can be used by the killer to track you down. 
  • Do not try to blind the killer with a regular flashlight with no add-ons or while being chased. The best and only option you have to use the flashlight is when the killer is breaking a wooden pallet, he won’t be able to turn, making him to be forced to face the pallet while destroying it. 
  • The killer produces a very visible red light where he’s facing. You can use it to predict his movements and see if you’re in his line of sight. 
  • Do not deplete your item’s charges unless you really need it. If you keep him while escaping The Entity, it’ll recover his entire durability. 
  • Wooden Pallets are very important, don’t go around dropping them, you might don’t need them in the beginning, but if the game lasts longer, they will be the key of surviving in the late-game. 
  • Do not try to escape from the hook by yourself. You have only 5% of chance to escape, having only 4 attempts before being forced into struggle. Just chill and wait for the other survivors to try and rescue you, or atleast buy time for them. 

Other Survivors

  • While saving other survivors from the sacrificial hooks, DO. NOT. EVER. CANCEL. ANIMATION. unless you need to escape the killer. Otherwise, you’ll end up killing him. 
  • If your teammate gets hanged by the killer, it is easier for you to let him die while repairing generators, unless the killer is sloppy and leaves the hanged survivor unprotected. Only save your teammates if it’s actually easy. Otherwise, don’t waste time trying to do the impossible. 

Your Opponent

  • First of all, try to find tracks of what your opponent might be. Search for beartraps and listen to every sound you can, for example, Nurse’s screams, Hillbilly’s chainsaw, Michael Myers’ song or Wraith’s Bell. 

The Trapper

Uses beartraps to hunt his prey. He’ll probably set them up on places with tall grass, on windows or in the middle of pallet drops.
If one of his traps gets disarmed or destroyed, he’ll get an aura warning leading to where the trap was placed.
Can be countered by using toolboxes or Jake Park’s “Saboteur” perk. Destroy his traps and he’ll end up being a regular killer with absolutely no skills to use against you.
Avoid trying to escape by vaulting windows or running without paying attention to your surroundings.

The Nurse

Her weak spots are field of view and movement.
Playing against her as a survivor, the best option is to hide behind props instead of running.
Her abilities allow her to teleport long distances based on the time she channels it.
If she’s been channeling teleportation for a long time(4-5s+), sprint directly at her. She’ll teleport far away from you, and you’ll escape her easily.
Her skill channeling is easily spotted. She will raise her glowing left hand pointing to the direction she will teleport.

The Shape

Avoid getting in his line of sight. He’ll get more powerful the more he channels his skill on you.
Avoid trying to escape him by using windows, he can vault over them faster than all of the other killers.
Beware of your surroundings. The Shape’s terror radius while he’s stil level 1 is basically null. He can be channeling his abilities while behind you, and you’ll won’t even notice.

The Wraith

Whenever he turns invisible, you’ll hear an fading-out audio, and when he turns visible, you’ll hear and fading-in audio.
While he’s invisible, he can still be noticed by his groaning and blur around his character.
A great item against him is the flashlight. While he’s invisible, or casting his skill, you can aim the lantern at him(torso/face) and make him get burned. He’ll be stunned for 5 seconds while you can easily escape.

The Doctor

Do not stay in the same spot for too long, otherwise your sanity will begin to fade.
Avoid his terror radius, since it makes your survivor go mad.
Try to predict his shock therapy skill. If struck by it, your character will scream and begin to lose sanity, increasing the chances of your character randomly scream.


In my opinion, he is the easiest killer to play against.
Avoid open areas, without props, constructions or walls.
His chainsaw will break the wooden pallet INSTANTLY.
He dashes forward with his chainsaw, and if he hits a survivor, the player’ll be automatically forced into dying state.

The Hag

Her traps can be destroyed by aiming at them with a flashlight.
When trying to rescue a teammate, crouch past her traps, they are not going to trigger.

The Huntress

Avoid being out in the open. She is the only killer that has long-distance directly damage dealing.
If being chased by her, stay behind walls, trees, stones or constructions.
She is the most slow killer in the game, making it easy for getting away from her.
She needs to harvest her hatches in lockers.
Do not crouch to dodge her hatchets. Their hitbox is relatively large, so it won’t matter.

Survivors Items

Items are useful tools that can be used to make the survival attempt easier. They can be found in chests, and their add-ons can be found in the bloodweb.

Chinese Firecrackers

Firecrackers that burst into flames, producing loud bangs and intense light flashes. They can be used as a diversion or a blinding device. If you drop it while being chased, the chances of blinding the killer are very high. But beware, if you use it without caution, you may end up blinding your own teammates.


They can be used to blind killers, destroy The Hag’s traps and burn The Wraith while he’s invisible. The best option is to use them while the killer is destroying the wooden pallets.


Medkits allow you to unlock the action to heal yourself. They also increases the healing speed, and depending on the add-ons you have on, they can heal you up to three times.


Toolboxes allow you to destroy the killer’s sacrificial hooks, turn on generators faster and break beartraps. Some of its add-ons may increase the chance of triggering a skillcheck.


Keys can help you track down the hatch, generators, players, the killer, chests, everything, depending on which add-ons you have on. If you have the Skeleton Key, you are able to open the hatch whenever it spawns.


Maps allow you to track down generators, players, etc. and just like the keys, it depends on which add-ons you have on it.

Survivors Status Effects

Status Effects are proficiency indicators for survivors while interacting with a generator, totem, chest, teammate or sacrificial hooks.


Displays if the player’s cleansing speed is faster or slower than usual.


Displays if the player’s item consumption rate is increased or decreased.


Displays if the healing speed is faster or slower than usual.


Displays if the repair speed is faster or slower than usual.


Displays if the action progression speed is faster or slower than usual.


Displays if the sabotaging speed is faster or slower than usual.

Survivor’s Bloodpoints Scoring

There are four ways to score points as a survivor.


Such as repairing generators, opening exit gates or escaping.


Such as healing yourself, escaping from the hook(by yourself) or searching chests.


Such as saving other players from sacrificial hooks, healing them or doing a co-op action.


Such as taunting the killer, dropping pallets on him, blinding him, doing risky actions that may draw his attention to you.


are on your account, which means you can spend the points you earned, for example, as Claudette Morel to level up Meg Thomas. You can choose not to spend them, but they are capped at 500.000.

Ranking up as a Survivor

Ranks are skill measures in Dead by Daylight.

  • The lowest rank you can get is 20. 
  • The highest rank you can reach is 1. 
  • Pips are the points you get if scoring 11.000+ every match. 
  • Ranks are reset every month’s 13rd. 
  • If you exit/disconnect from a match, you’ll lose 3 pips. 
  • To successfully get a pip, you’ll need to score two(completely) of the four survivor’s categories.
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