The Escapists 2 – 100% Achievement Guide (How to Unlock All)

A guide to obtaining all 40 achievements in The Escapists 2 with descriptions and tips on how to earn them all.

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Hello. And welcome to my guide on how to earn all achievements in “The Escapists 2”. Below you will find all the achievements in the game neatly organized into coresponding categories with tips necessary to unlocking all 40 of them.

Prison Breakout Related Achievements (8)

Holiday Blues
Description: Escape the Center Perks 2.0 Prison.

Escaping is my Forte
Description: Escape the Rattlesnake Springs Prison.

A Camp Departure
Description: Escape the K.A.P.O.W Camp Prison.

Drying Out
Description: Escape the H.M.P Offshore Prison.

Chilled Out
Description: Escape the Fort Tundra Prison.

I want to Believe
Description: Escape the Area 17 Prison.

One pixellated Step
Description: Escape the U.S.S Anomaly Prison.

The Great Escape
Description: Escape all Classic prisons.

There are three ways to escape from all the classic prisons (except for H.M.P Offshore, that one has four). The first is a standard perimeter breach which is escaping by going off the map from the prison boundries, although some prisons have a unique layout where you can’t just waltz off the map anywhere, and you’ll have to find an explicit means of escaping the map on those levels. The second is a unique single player method that is specifically designed for escaping on a particular map. The last is a multiplayer escape which can only be done with more than one player obviously; most of these escapes are often sealed off in areas that can only be accessed through multiplayer anyhow.

There are plenty of tips given in-game when you begin any level on how to possibly escape. The introduction always shows at least one potential means of escape at the end, whether its single player or multiplayer. And there are payphones scattered across the levels as well, each having at least one escape tip for breaking out either the unique single player method or the multiplayer method in exchange for money (50 gold per tip, If I recall correctly).

Go on. Explore the prisons, find out where you need to go to escape. Once you have done that find and craft the essential materials needed, if necessary, for getting out the unique single player or multiplayer means. And stop expecting like I am going to directly tell you step by step how to escape each prison! This is an achievement guide, not a walkthrough guide. Part of the experience of this game is to find these methods of escape and experience it yourself, hence why I didn’t plaster the previous achievements with spoilers on how to escape. If you truely don’t care about ruining your experience in this game, or are struggling with a particular prison, there are plenty of sources elsewhere here on steam and across the internet on how to pull off each escape without a hitch.

The Mobile Escapist

Description: Escape from all 3 of the base game transport prisons.

The three base game transport prisons are Cougar Creek Railroad, H.M.S Orca, and Air Force Con. What makes these prisons different from the 7 standard classic prisons is that you have limited amount of time to complete your escape before the transport prison reaches its destination, causing you to automatically fail. You are also prohibited from leaving your cell, getting caught outside of it will prompt guards to immediately attack you on sight, after which you are escorted back to your cell if you fall in combat, instead of the infirmary, so heat doesn’t matter in these levels.

All of these levels are small and compact with two ways to escape via unique single player and two ways via multiplayer all of which are relatively easy to find and shouldn’t take long. Each escape route requires specific materials, all of which are scavenged from desks scattered around the levels. Find what you need and where to go quickly and you’ll escape. Also, don’t worry about not having enough intellect to craft items, that stat is set to 70 at the start of all these levels, allowing you to craft everything available. Recognizing the guard patrol patterns can also make these levels easier.

I’ve Got A Cunning Plan

Description: Perform 7 unique escapes across all classic prisons.

To avoid confusion the word “unique” in this achievement is referring to all different escapes possible in any of the classic prisons not just the unique single player escape method for each level. You can view which escapes you haven’t performed yet by viewing your criminal profile from the main menu.

The escapes from the transport prisons does NOT count towards this achievement.

Call of Snooty

Description: Escape H.M.P Offshore on Snooty the Dolphin.

H.M.P Offshore is unique in the fact its the only classic prison level to have and additional single player escape route in the form of Snooty the Dolphin, which can be seen dawdling on the surface of the ocean from the bottom of the map on the first floor. Reaching and interacting with Snooty and its surroundings will give you an idea of what you need to do to escape. So I’m not going spoil anything else! I already gave you a free tip of where you need to go to escape, figure the rest out yourself. Once you have done all the necessary tasks. You can escape with Snooty a.k.a the best means of prison escape in the game.

The escape route for this level is called Swimming with Dolphins for those that are curious.

Ripped on the Inside

Description: Max out the Strength statistic.

The Olympian

Description: Max out the Fitness statistic.

Criminal Mastermind

Description: Max out the Intellect statistic.


Description: Max out all 3 character statistics.

Strength and Fitness are raised by operating the exercise equipment in the recreation rooms of prisons and performing the Q & E minigame where you need to press these keys at a certain time, hold them in place, or even rapid tap both. It varies with each piece of exercise equipment.

Intellect is raised by reading from books stacks in the living quarters where inmates and civilians often hangout during free time and follows the same rules of the minigames.

All stats must be raised to 100 in a single session in order for the Statistician achievement to unlock.

Artful Dodger

Description: Craft an item.

Simple. Just have the necessary components on hand to craft an item of your choosing as well as the necessary intellect to make it. Then go to the crafting menu find the item you wish to craft with the materials, then done!


Description: Craft 50 unique items.

Same deal. Just do crafting 49 more times and make sure each item you craft is different so it will count towards the achievement progress. Crafting is a huge necessity to this game in order to break out of all the prisons in unique ways. So this should just come naturally as you progress. Especially since there are crafting recipes that are only available on certain maps.

Bad Intentions

Description: Knock out 100 inmates.

Put up your dukes or craft/find a weapon and start beating up your fellow inmates until they are unconcious. They will fight back, so watch yourself! Do this to 100 inmates of your choosing across your prison playthroughs and you should unlock this soon enough.

Bad Intentions Part 2

Description: Knock out 50 guards.

Same deal as before only this time its the officers you are targeting. This will be much more dangerous since guards are more competant in combat and attacking one instantly raises your heat level to 100. You’re best off ambushing them when one of them is alone in an isolated area.

It can be difficult at first. But eventually you’ll get the hang of combat when fighting them. In fact, it ends up being more of a necessity as you’ll find yourself knocking guards out frequently to duplicate keys/keycards and take their uniform as a disguise from them, and a few other things as well. I actually earned this achievement before Bad Intentions.

Good Intentions

Description: Go 3 consecutive days without raising your Guard Heat above 0 in a single session.

A very difficult achievement. You need to go three days in a prison without ever raising your heat level. Heat is behavior that is drawn to you by the guards when you commit negligent acts such as trepassing, running late on routines, and engaging in violence.

Since its generally difficult to go even a single day without raising heat during your escape plot, you may have to suspend yourself from such activity for the purpose of this achievement. I’d recommend the Rattlesnakes Spring prison since most of areas you need to go to during the routine schedule are close to each other and you should never have to worry about running late if you stick to the schedule. Knowing the routine in advance can help save you time since you just need to show up to the areas to be considered completed for the day.

Follow the routine, arrive on time to the respected destinations, isolate yourself from negligent actions as best as possible, and don’t take the shoe making job in that prison either. Its miles away from everything else and is commonly patrolled by two or three guards who will undoubtably antagonize you for running late, raising your heat level, just remain unemployed for three days and head for the job office instead then repeat the process day by day. With enough persistance, you’ll eventually get this achievement. Just watch for any nearby guards if you suspect they will detect you doing something negligent.

Dr. Love

Description: Get whisked away by a hunky medic.

Eventually you are going to get in over your head and get knocked out by an opponent you underestimated. Within a few seconds a medic will arrive, confiscate any contraband you had on you, then rush you off towards the nearest infirmary. The achievement should unlock as soon as you arrive.

Tell Me What’s Your Favour

Description: Complete 100 favours.

Inmates will frequently offer favours which are indicated by a green exclamation mark over their head. Accept the task that they offer when interacting with them and complete it to count towards this achievement and earn yourself some money and a higher opinion from them for your efforts.

Most of these favours are easy and involve minor tasks such as stealing objects from other inmates, beating someone up, or even flooding another inmates toilet. Don’t take too long though. Some tasks have a limited period of time in which you can complete them before they fail.

Music Maestro

Description: Play on the instruments for 1 hour of in-game time.

Scattered throughout the prisons are a set of musical instruments that you can interact with. Simply play with any of these for an hour of in-game time (free time works best here). Once you have stopped playing the instruments after an hour has passed the achievement should pop up.

Most of them are often located in or near the living quarters section where you go to raise your intellect stat.

Crook Of All Trades

Description: Complete the quota once for each of the jobs over multiple prisons/sessions.

Below is a list of all the jobs available in the game and in what prisons.

  • Shoemaking – Center Perks 2.0 & Rattlesnake Springs
  • Mail Sorting – Center Perks 2.0 & K.A.P.O.W Camp
  • Waste Disposal – Center Perks 2.0, Rattlesnake Springs, & Area 17
  • Painting – Center Perks 2.0, Rattlesnake Springs, & Fort Tundra
  • Woodwork – Rattlesnake Springs & H.M.P Offshore
  • Farming – K.A.P.O.W Camp & U.S.S Anomaly
  • Plumbing – K.A.P.O.W Camp, Fort Tundra, & Area 17
  • Kitchen – K.A.P.O.W Camp & U.S.S Anomaly
  • Mining – H.M.P Offshore & U.S.S Anomaly
  • Blacksmith – H.M.P Offshore, Fort Tundra, & Area 17
  • Kennels – H.M.P Offshore & Fort Tundra
  • Engineering – Area 17 & U.S.S Anomaly

You need to complete the job quota once for each of these jobs. Make sure you have the necessary stats for when you apply at job bulltetin board then complete its agenda once during job time, then you’re done.

The real difficulty of this achievement stems from obtaining the specified job. Only one job is available from the start per prison, the rest are occupied by other inmates. To experience all the jobs in the game, you have to get the other inmates fired from their job(s). This can be accomplished easily by intercepting them at their workstation then waiting for them to show up at job time. Before they arrive, immediately stop them by either engaging them in violence or by engaging them in dialogue and keeping them in a limbo where they can’t move.

Do any of these tactics until job time is over, and if you successfully kept them out of their workplace, they will be fired, allowing you to take their job for yourself. Apply for it quickly at the job office before another inmate takes it for themselves.

All Mod Cons

Description: Use a customized character in-game.

This is probably the very first achievement you’ll earn in the game. Just go to the “My Characters” tab in the main menu then select any of the available convicts on screen and begin customizing them to your desire. Once finished, use them in any level and you’re done.

Soap On A Rope

Description: Spend 3 days total time in the showers over multiple prisons/sessions.

One of the most grindiest achievements in the game, not particulary difficult just time consuming; one that you’re not likely to earn in a standard playthrough of the game. For the purpose of rushing to earn this achievement as fast as possible, start a new game with no progress made for an escape plan and utilize all the free time and time remaining from completed schedule routines by spending it using the showers. Not just merely entering the shower room but interacting with the shower stalls so progress can go towards earning this achievement. With enough patience, you’ll get this achievement in no time.

I’m The Daddy

Description: Knock out every inmate at least once in a single prison.

While any prison would work, I’d recommend getting this achievement in the Area 17 prison. There are only four other inmates in that prison, the smallest in the base game. Plus, these inmates are frequently isolated, allowing you to ambush them without attracting any heat from the guards.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Description: Spend 3 days total time in solitary over multiple prisons/sessions.

Solitary occurs when a player is caught breaking the rules of conduct of a prison following an incident that triggers lockdown status. Below is a list of some events that can instantly trigger a lockdown on a prison.

  • Being absent from mandatory roll call session.
  • Mining, digging, or cutting at the exterior foundations of a prison during daylight hours.
  • Being detected outside of your cell during the “Lights Out” segment.
  • A guard is found to be missing the possession of their key/keycard after being knocked out.

Once lockdown has commenced security level is raised to maximum and all guards will attack you on sight, including guard dogs, assuming the lockdown was directly tied to your actions and you were caught. If they are not actively engaging you just attack any guard to instantly aggro them all instead of returning to your cell.

When you eventually get overwhelmed and knocked out a medic will arrive as normal but instead of taking you to the infirmary they will haul you off to solitary, and confiscate everything on your person as well. In solitary you are isolated and are limited to only waiting out your time until you are allowed to return to common inmate routine.

The achievement requires 3 days total time in-game, and solitary lasts for about a minute to a minute and a half depending on the prison (thats about roughly an hour or two in-game time). Repeatedly causing acts that land you in solitary in a single prison will extend the amount of time you are kept there. Just keep causing trouble with the incidents listed above to land you in solitary, ideally all in one prison to extend the time spent there, and you’ll work towards this achievement soon enough.

Don’t peel the potato skins while in solitary. That reduces the amount of time you are kept in there by 10 seconds per potato peeled. The goal of this achievement is to remain in solitary for as long as possible.

Man’s Worst Friend

Description: Get mauled by a guard dog.

Guard dogs are released onto prison grounds once either the security level reaches beyond two stars or lockdown commences. Note, however, that guard dogs only attack other players when lockdown is in procedure, causing trouble during that period will have them come after you.

It won’t take long before you fall to one easily since they are immune to attacks, they can track you across the prison, and they move faster, and attacks quicker than standard guards. Causing trouble near the kennels during lockdown is guaranteed to have them reach you before the guards can.

Man’s Best Friend

Description: Gain a high enough opinion from a dog.

At first, this sounds like a tricky achievement because you can’t interact with guard dogs like you can with other NPCs, there is no way to view their stats or other information. The only means of actually interacting with them at all is by taking the kennel job and feeding them for the daily job quota, thats what you need to do to actually raise their opinion of you.

The kennel job is only available on the H.M.P Offshore and Fort Tundra prison. Obtain the job through any means necessary than complete the quota at job time. You should only have to do this once to earn the achievement, but if it didn’t unlock, just keep feeding them and you will get it.

Pour Us A Brew Will Yer, Love?

Description: Make a cup if tea and gift it to another inmate or guard.

To make a cup of tea you need some sugar, a tea bag, and a cup. After that you can craft them together to make the tea and then gift it to a guard or inmate. No need to raise your intellect, it requires a base of 30 in which you start out with.

The materials to make a cup of tea may not always be commonly prevalent on certain prisons. I’d recommend just scavenging the materials on Center Perks 2.0 as they seem to be common there.

If you have never given a gift before. Just engage in dialogue with any NPC and at the top left corner of the dialogue box should be a “present” icon. Click that, then give them the specifed item from your inventory as a gift. Then you are done! Simple as that.

The Cake Is A Lie?

Description: Attack a guard with a cake.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just craft a cake with sugar, a bag of flour, and a bottle of milk then have it equipped in your first item slot and smack a guard with it!

If you are yet again struggling to find the materials. One final spoiler I will give is that the escape route involving Snooty the Dolphin on H.M.P Offshore requires you to make a cake for a task in that escape with the materials guaranteed to spawn on that level. Before giving it away, go quickly attack a guard with it to earn this achievement. Don’t worry, you won’t lose the cake if you attack someone with it, and it isn’t consider contraband either should you get knocked out afterwards.

Naked Lunch

Description: Attend dinner whilst being naked.

Right before dinner time starts in a prison quickly go into your stats inventory and take off your jumpsuit. Once dinner time is in session, immediately enter the cafeteria and streak around at your whimsical desire. The achievement will pop as soon as you arrive inside. Be advised that not all prisons have dinner time on scheduled routine so you can only earn this in certain prisons.

It is unwise to take off your jumpsuit prior to dinner not starting soon since streaking is prohibited and raises your heat should the guards notice you commiting public indecency.

The Naked Chef

Description: Complete a quota of the kitchen job whilst being naked.

Similar deal, only this time you are streaking during the middle of a job shift. The Kitchen job is only available on K.A.P.O.W Camp and U.S.S Anomaly. Apply for the job when you can and complete its quota without your jumpsuit on.

Again, be sure to act quickly. The kitchen job is in view of a few patroling guards that come in and around the workplace, they will see you naked during job time and will raise your heat level the longer you go without any clothes on.

Keep It Clean!

Description: Tag 200 places throughout any prison.

I am aware that this achievement can be earned in single player. The reason I am putting it here instead is because I ran out of character spaces for the previous sections to fit this achievement. Besides the purpose behind this achievement is mean’t primarily for multiplayer anyhow by marking locations for other players to see on the map.

Simply just tag any location using “T” or whatever key you have the marking function binded to and a crudely drawn X will appear on the floor. Repeat this process up to 200 times and you’re done!

Open Prison

Description: Play a classic game online.

When starting a new game one of the options is to set your internet connection to either local, public, or private. Default is local, either play on public or private and wait for connection to get into an in-progress multiplayer game.

I have heard of many complaints of people joining only to get kicked instantly on public by the hosts, so if possible, its better to play this privately with friends instead if you are experiencing this problem. more than one player needs to be connected online in a game to earn this achievement.

To Me, To You

Description: Enter a multiplayer only area.

Areas that are multiplayer only have huge brown sliding doors that need to be held open by one player then entered by another so both players can gain access, other areas include keycard areas that function in a similar manner only requiring a forged keycard to enter.

However, I don’t believe these areas count entirely for the achievement. areas that are considered multiplayer only have their own floor transition that is often accessed from the entry zones listed above. I unlocked this achievement on the K.A.P.O.W Camp level after transitioning to the next floor for the multiplayer escape route after passing through a keycard only section. I imagine the same is for other levels with multiplayer access as well.

Riot Act

Description: Play a Versus Game Online.

Basically the open prison achievement in PvP form. Nothing much else to say.

Online Enforcer

Description: Win 10 Online Versus Games.

If PvP is not your type of style, then its best if possible to have a friend help you get this achievement by allowing you to beat them up 10 times till the achievement unlocks.

I Am Your Father…

Description: Fight another player in the U.S.S Anomaly, when you are both armed with energy swords.

You need at least two people for this achievement and one of them has to have unlocked the U.S.S Anomaly prison map as well as the unique recipe for crafting the energy sword on that level which is available from the payphones for 50 gold.

Once you have all of that and are in the level with your friend, the player that has the crafting recipe unlocked should begin raising their Intellect stat to 70 so they can craft both swords while the other player should work on obtaining the necessary material to craft them. Crafting two energy swords requires 2 broom handles, 4 batteries, and 4 wires total. The batteries and wires are found primarily on the guards in this level and the broom handles are mainly found inside inmates desks or on inmates themselves as a weapon. The player scavenging for the materials might need to raise their Strength and Fitness stats if they are struggling to take on the guards and inmates.

After you have obtained the swords travel to an area that isn’t heavily patroled by guards (the room upstairs from the recreation room is a good spot) while detouring to your desired route to avoid the metal detectors since the energy swords are considered contraband.

With the swords equipped by both players immediately ready yourselves and fight each other for the achievement.

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